Peppers pickled by Lee James

These recipes are either things i’ve dreamed up or my variations on other people’s recipes. They’re in alphabetical order since there are so few of them that it seemed silly to try to group them logically. Mostly, of course, your collected recipes reflect your favorite foods, and that’s true here to some extent. It’s no accident that the great majority of my recipes for meat call for pork. But still, that’s not my favorite food. Many people list chocolate as their favorite food, and i started to say that but realized, no, especially now that i’m not supposed to be eating it, my favorite food is sugar. Lightly flavored with cream and chocolate.

Here’s a couple of sample recipes while we wait until the problem with the submenus is fixed and you can see the others:  Chocolate Syrup

The Pie

Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, and Chutneys

To get the recipe section going, a little tale.

There is a strip of land running from somewhere not too far north of Pecos, Texas down into northern Mexico where there are trace minerals in the soil or something that makes cantaloupes grown in this region especially delicious. And since everybody in Texas knows this, in cantaloupe season a routine sight all over the state is a pickup full of cantaloupes parked on a city street or beside the highway with a crudely lettered sign, “Pecos Cantaloupes”.

Sometimes a grower will load his truck and head into the city to hawk them at several times the price he could get locally. Other times, an entrepreneurial sort in the city will drive a pickup out to the cantaloupe fields in the expectation of striking a bargain that will fetch him some good money in the city.

One of the latter, a Business major at the University of Texas in Austin, has borrowed himself a pickup, driven to the Pecos area, and dickered with a farmer to their mutual satisfaction. As they are loading the truck, the city slicker decides to expand his agricultural IQ and asks the farmer,

“Tell me, do these things grow on a bush or a tree?”

The farmer is a weak man, with poor impulse control. He holds up an especially large specimen and deadpans,

“Son, it took me a forty-foot ladder to get this beauty.”

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