2008 Production Report

We Be SushiLet’s start this year’s Production Report with an only-in-San-Francisco food-related pic:

As usual, I do not list the countless jars of chocolate sauce I make.

Alas, complications from my broken hand got in the way of preserving anything during the first three months, but then I got busy, at least partly inspired by gifts of lemons from Gloria and from George, my neighbor on Liberty Street. Couldn’t just let them sit there and rot. Besides, I spotted a recipe in the San Francisco Chronicle for a Meyer Lemon Marmalade that sounded interesting.

MLM – Meyer Lemon Marmalade – 5 Apr. [OUT OF STOCK]

LJM – Lemon Jalapeño Marmalade – 10 Apr. Made with lemons Gloria gave Rina and me but which Rina had no room to take back to Amsterdam. Wimpy hotness level. [OUT OF STOCK]

LSLJM – Liberty Street Lemon Jalapeño Marmalade – 20 Apr. Still wimpy. [OUT OF STOCK]

GLM – Gloria’s Lemon Marmalade – 24 Apr. Made at Gloria’s house with lemons we picked to order. [OUT OF STOCK]

CL – Cherry Jam – 11, 28 May, 6 June. I used no apple in this for pectin, so just boiled it down longer. Actually, until further notice I’m holding my breath until I can get apples from Gloria, so the codes won’t have the “AL” ending until I resume adding apple pulp. I puréed the last two with the stick blender. To try to help things set a little better, I’m using two lemons instead of one and boiling them down longer. The June one set like concrete. [OUT OF STOCK]

GJLM – Gloria’s Lemon Jalapeño Marmalade – 17 May. Made sure there was enough pepper in this one to taste, but it’s not very hot. Alas, it set up like glue and is just plain stiff. It’s finally sinking in that the classic method of boiling jams until they reach a certain temperature does not factor in variable amounts of pectin. [OUT OF STOCK]

CAL – Cherry Jam – 17, 19 May. [OUT OF STOCK]

AAL – Apricot Jam – 19 May. I’m not a big lover of apricot jam – well, except for my friend Dick’s (Hi, Dick!) – but this one was good enough that I liked it. [OUT OF STOCK]

SCL – Smoked Cherry Jam – 6 June. OK, this was an accident. I turned my back on it, and it ever-so-slightly burned, but just to the point of that caramelized sugar taste in the sauce for a flan. So if nobody else wants none of this, no problem, as I love it. [OUT OF STOCK. All of it got eaten in this house, most of it, alas, by me.]

CJL – Cherry Jalapeño Jam – 6 June. Not very hot. [OUT OF STOCK]

CAJL – Cherry Apricot Jalapeño Jam – 7 June. Not hot enough. [OUT OF STOCK]

CPLi – Cherry Jam flavored with Patak’s Hot Lime Relish – 7 June. Different, and actually quite interesting to have the Indian flavors in there with the cherry. [OUT OF STOCK]

RCAJL – Rainier Cherry Apricot Jalapeño Jam – 9 June. I used the Rainier cherries mainly for their color. The jam turned out a nice golden yellow. Medium hot. [OUT OF STOCK]

NCJL – Nectarine Cherry Jalapeño Jam – 10 June, 12 June, 4 July. Gloria’s red cherries are in this one, so it’s quite good and quite red. Medium hot. The ones on 12 June and 4 July are hotter.

AC? – Apricot Cherry Jam – 12 June. The code on the jars includes an “L” with a slash through it, alas that’s not an html character so I can’t represent it here. The point is that this one has neither apple nor lemon in it. [OUT OF STOCK]

LSNL – Lucero Strawberry Nectarine Jam – 22 June. Lucero’s strawberries are my local favorite, smaller but more flavorful.

ACJPL – Apricot Cherry Jalapeño Pasilla Jam – 22 June. This one turned out real good. The Pasillas are a good addition. I’m not being so overcautious with the chiles now. [OUT OF STOCK]

TB – Tayberry Jelly – 27 June, 10 July. Finally, finally, more of that great crowd pleaser. I was able to make only one batch of it last year, so there is pent-up demand. [OUT OF STOCK]

NL – Nectarine Jam – 27 June. [OUT OF STOCK]

NCJL – Nectarine Cherry Jalapeño Jam – 4 July. [OUT OF STOCK]

LSJL – Lucero Strawberry Jalapeño Jam – 5 July.

ABJPL – Apricot Blackberry Jalapeño Pasilla Jam – 8 July. I wanted to up the chile flavor without making the jam too hot, so I threw in a red pasilla chile. It worked. [OUT OF STOCK]

MC – Mango Chutney – 11 July. The first chutney of the season. There are good Mexican mangos in the markets now at a reasonable price. These were ripe, but they still made a pretty good chutney. [OUT OF STOCK]

PPJL – Plum Pasilla Jalapeño Jam – 13 July. I’m continuing to experiment with Pasillas. I used one pasilla and four small jalapeños in this one, but the jalapeños were very mild, so the jam is not hot. And oh, yes, the plums are from my friend Nancy. [OUT OF STOCK]

MCACL – Montmorency Cherry Ancho Chile Jam – 16 July. The Montmorency cherries flit through the market in a flash. Grab ’em while you can. I got these to make a crisp and then realized I wouldn’t be cooking for anyone before I had house guests. Thus this jam. [OUT OF STOCK]

BPJAL – Blackberry, Pasilla Chile, Jalapeño Jam – 6 August. I’m experimenting with boiling apples down to extract the pectin, and I put a couple of cups of the apple mass into the sieve. Used one pasilla and two seeded jalapeños. Could have used three. [OUT OF STOCK]

Pickled Romano beans – 7 August.

NJAL – Nectarine Jalapeño Jam – 8 August.

CNJAL – Cherry Nectarine Jalapeño Jam – 12 August. Well, I saw some cherries at Casa Guadalupe and bought a bag without thinking clearly. So to use them up, I made this jam with some red jalapeños. Decided to purée it at the end, and it set like concrete.

LSJAL – Lucero Strawberry Red Jalapeño and Red Ancho Chile Jam – 29 August. I made this one with apples and lemons from Gloria that I cooked down together, and even though it didn’t set as well as I would have liked, it may be the best tasting strawberry jam I ever made because I got the chile level up high enough. That said, it was way too hot for the wonderful Liz Crane, the manager of the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market and a known chile wimp. [OUT OF STOCK]

RBJ – Raspberry and Red Jalapeño Jelly – 19 October. Raspberries from the Medinas, thickened with Gloria’s apples and lemons. Only one whole red jalapeño. Shoulda used two. I’m not going for the kid vote anymore.

Pickled PeppersPickled Peppers – 22 October and several dates following that I neglected to record. In the summer and autumn you can buy fresh Thai peppers from a number of vendors here. They’re rather pricey, and besides, I like the taste of jalapeños better. But at the end of the season, some of the vendors pull up the pepper bushes and sell them cheap by the bunch, laden with red and green peppers. I pick the peppers off and rinse them, slip them down into a small bottle, and fill the bottle with white vinegar, which gets hotter and hotter and can be used as a hot sauce. Replenish the vinegar as necessary, as the peppers will keep it hot. My favorite use is to sprinkle a bit onto cooked spinach. These are snapped up as fast as folks give me suitable bottles. [OUT OF STOCK]

WBJC – Whole Baby Feijoa Chutney – 11 November. Yes, there’s a vendor at the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market who brings in little teeny feijoas, from half an inch to a whole inch long, that there’s not much market for, so they sell ’em for a buck a pound. Well, the little darlings can be cooked whole into a very good chutney.

WBFWFC – Whole Baby Feijoa with Personally Hand-Plucked Wild Noe Street Fennel Chutney – 25 November. A great favorite from last year. This batch of feijoas was on sale yesterday for 50 cents a pound plus a Segway lesson. And jalapeños were also on sale yesterday, so I was generous. This one’s definitely not for children. Sr. Yerena calls my chutneys pulpa since they’re similar to that Jaliscano treat of his youth. He took a spoonful and observed that I’d finally got enough jalapeños in. Take that for what it’s worth.

CLBOM – Carol’s Little Bitter Orange Marmalade – 30 November, 2 December, 13 December, and 16 December. Carol brought a bunch of her little bitter oranges over, and she and Gloria pitched in and helped me make the first double batch. This one was a real crowd-pleaser last year.

CLBOLM – Carol’s Little Bitter Orange and Meyer Lemon Marmalade – 21 December. This one is about half bitter oranges and half Meyer lemons, also from Carol’s garden.

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