2007 Production Report

Once again, here’s the annual report on the year’s jams, jellies, chutneys, and pickles. As in past years, I didn’t record all the times I made batches of chocolate sauce. The big news this year is that since my initial experiments with adult jams last year went over so well, this year I threw various peppers into many of my jams and jellies.

See previous Production Reports for an explanation of the naming conventions.

Pickled Brussels Sprouts – 1 Jan, 10 Jan, 2 Feb, 2 Mar, 30 Mar.

GMC – Green Mango Chutney – 11 Jan.

BORM – Blood Orange Rosemary Marmalade – 6 Mar. I dearly love Sybil for many reasons, not the least of which being that she is a reliable critic. When I asked her about this one, she got back to me immediately that the rosemary was a hindrance rather than a help. Some experiments are failures. Some friends are true.

KMJAL – Kiwi Mango Jalapeño Jam – 7 Mar.

BOM – Blood Orange Marmalade – 31 Mar. Muuuuuuuuuch better without the rosemary. That said, somebody obviously likes the rosemary in there since I got the recipe off the internet.

TSAL – Thai Pepper Strawberry Jam – 1 Apr, 2 Apr.

TSL – Thai Pepper Strawberry Jam (no apple) – 1 Apr.

CCC – Chimayo Chile Cherry Chutney – 4 Jun, 5 Jun. This is a cherry chutney made with Chimayo chile powder smuggled in from New Mexico rather than the jalapeños I normally use.

CL – Cherry Jam (no apple) – 5 Jun.

FPAL – Flavorella Plumcot Jam – 5 Jun. No, that’s not a pluot, it’s a plumcot, which is genetically half plum, half apricot. Pluots are more like three-quarters plum and apriums, three-quarters apricot. An old fart in Modesto named Floyd Zeiger is the genius behind all the pluots.

TB – Tayberry Jelly – 6 Jun, 11 Jun.

CAAL – Chimayo Apricot Jam – 7 Jun.

SWCC – Southwestern Cherry Chutney – 7 Jun, 11 Jun. In this one I used chile powder from Hatch, New Mexico as well as herbs like cumin and oregano and coriander instead of more Indian subcontinent flavors, stuff like cardamom.

CCRC – Cherry Cranberry Chutney – 16 Jun. Here, I used dried cranberries instead of the traditional raisins.

YPC – Yellow Pluot Chutney – 17 Jun. Didn’t write down the variety.

CJAL – Cherry Jalapeño Jam – 10 Jul.

NJAL – Nectarine Jalapeño Jam – 10 Jul, 19 Jun, 19 Jul.

POPC – Post Office Plum Chutney – 11 Jul. The passport lady at the Noe Valley PO gave me some plums from her tree.

GPJAL – Gloria’s Plum Jalapeño Jam – 16 Jul. Gloria gave me these plums from her neighbor’s tree.

ANMJAL – Apricot Nectarine Mango Jalapeño Jam (low sugar) – 17 Jul.

PNJAL – Plum Nectarine Jalapeño Jam – 18 Jul.

PJAL – Peach Jalapeño Jam – 24 Jul. A special request from Becky.

NAL – Nectarine Jam – 25 Jul, 30 Jul.

CNJAL – Cherry Nectarine Jalapeño Jam – 27 Jul. This one got very high reviews, and I sure do hope I can duplicate it next year.

Pickled Haricots Verts – 31 Jul, 10 Aug.

Pickled Okra – 31 Jul, 10 Aug.

SAL – Strawberry Jam – 1 Aug.

SJAL – Strawberry Jalapeño Jam – 1 Aug.

AAL – Apricot Jam – 2 Aug.

WNWGAL – White Nectarine White Grape Jam – 6 Aug. OK, I was going for color here, and that’s mostly what I got.

NJWGAL – Nectarine Jalapeño White Grape Jam – 7 Aug. Well, better than without the jalapeños.

Pickled Romano Beans – 17 Aug.

CLBOM – Carol’s Little Bitter Orange Marmalade – 30 Sep, 2 Oct (but mislabeled “9-2-7”), 16 Oct, 15 Dec. This one was well received.

RALiJ – Raspberry Lime Jalapeño Jelly with only one seeded and deveined red jalapeño – 3 Oct. The pepper is just barely detectable.

RALJ2 – Raspberry Jalapeño Jelly with the usual lemon, a whole red jalapeño, and two apples instead of the usual one – 10 Oct. Better with more pepper.

BALJ – Blackberry Jalapeño Jelly with two whole jalapeños – 11 Oct. Hotter still.

CLBOOM – Carol’s Little Bitter Orange Marmalade with naval orange juice to compensate for the bitter orange juice I clumsily spilled – 16 Oct. As the reviews on this batch came drifting in, it turns out that either Sybil’s helping make this one or the addition of some naval orange juice made it a favorite. Gotta pursue that concept next year if Carol gives me more oranges.

SJL – Strawberry Jalapeño Jelly but with no apple – 19 Nov.

FWFC – Baby Feijoa Chutney with Hand-Plucked Wild San Francisco Fennel – 20 Nov, 27 Nov. OK, the zenith of chutneys has been reached, and perhaps simultaneously the nadir of chutney names.

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