2005 Production Report

Note: What this report does not track is the couple dozen or so batches of chocolate sauce I make every year. Maybe I’ll remember to do that next year.

KAL – Kiwi Jam – 1-1, 3-6

Pickled Brussels Sprouts – 1-13, 1-14, 1-17, 2-20, 3-3, 3-11, 8-30, 9-8, 9-12, 10-28, 11-18, 11-21, 12-17

Pickled Sugar Snaps – 3-14, 4-4, 7-2, 10-1, 10-28

KGRAC – Kiwi, Golden Raisin, Apple chutney – 4-7

MB – Mulberry Jam – 6-8

TB – Tayberry Jelly – 6-9, 6-10, 6-12, 6-15, 6-16, 6-19, 6-20, 6-22 (I missed most of the tayberry season when I was in Amsterdam April 25 – June 8th.)

SAL – Strawberry Jam – 6-11, 6-19, 6-25, 7-2, 7-2

3SAL – Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam – 7-12, 7-16, 7-24, 9-3

AGRJC – Apricot, Golden Raisin, Jalapeño chutney – 6-13, 6-16, 7-2

NCPMAAL – Nectarine, Cherry, Plum, Mango, Apple, Apricot, Lemon jam – 6-14

NRJC – Nectarine, Raisin, Jalapeño chutney – 6-16, 9-21 hot

AAL – Apricot Jam – 6-16

NTC and NTJC – Nectarine, Tomatillo, Jalapeño chutney – 6-20, 6-27 (I forgot to put the “J” into the code for the first batch.)

MFJ – Mixed Fruit Jam – 6-21 (Hey, by now I have no idea what went into this one.)

GGAL – Greengage Jam – 7-2 (My only batch during the very short season for these.)

NCAL – Nectarine Cherry Jam – 7-2

NAL – Nectarine Jam – 7-14, 7-18

NMC – Nectarine Mango Chutney – 7-22

PRCJC – Pluot, dried Rainier cherry, Jalapeño chutney – 7-17

RYBNA – Rustic Yerenaberry, Nectarine Jam – 7-23 (“Rustic” means I left the berry seeds in.)

PTC – Pluot, Tomatillo chutney – 7-24

SPC – Satsuma Plum chutney – 8-5

MPGRJC – Mango Plum, Golden Raisin, Jalapeño chutney – 8-13 (No, not mangos and plums but a plum called a “mango plum” because it looks like a little mango.)

Pickled Jade beans – 8-15, 8-30

RRAL – Rustic Heritage Raspberry Jam – 8-16

PNC – Plum Nut Chutney – 8-19 (This was from Ellen Adamson’s recipe using Satsuma plums from her trees.)

EPC – Ellen’s Peach Chutney – 8-24 (Ellen’s recipe made with peaches from Gloria’s neighbor.)

FGPGRC – Flavor Grenade Pluot, Golden Raisin chutney – 8-27

Pickled Romano beans – 9-8, 9-12

Pickled Yellow wax beans 9-13 –

MTJ – Moroccan spiced Tomato Jam – 9-15 (There was a recipe for this in the Chronicle that was so intriguing that I made a batch, only to discover as I was jarring it that it had a cinnamon flavor so strong that it was, to me, inedible. Then I had an idea I will modestly describe as brilliant…figuring that they’d be genetically inclined to like it, I gave it all to friends of Semitic ancestry (well, Palestinians and Jews), and yep, they all reported enjoying it.)

FRPRRC – Flavor Rich Pluot, Red flame Raisin chutney – 9-15

FRPBCC – Flavor Rich Pluot, dried Bing Cherry chutney – 9-19

BPRJC – Black Plum, golden Raisin, Jalapeño chutney – 9-21 (Hot!)

MJC – Mango Jalapeño chutney – 9-23 (Pretty hot. ALERT: Taxonomy change. It finally struck me that raisins are the default, dammit, and that I put red flames in the darker chutneys and goldens in the lighter chutneys. So effective immediately, I’m no longer mentioning raisins because they’re almost always in there. When I use dried cherries or something else instead of raisins, I’ll mention it.)

HJSAL – Hint of Jalapeño Strawberry Jam – 9-25 (OK, I had a couple of scant baskets of strawberries from Lucero that were about to die, so I made a quick jam of them and threw in a leftover mild jalapeño half. Well, you can barely taste the jalapeño, so maybe I’ll try this one again with an entire jalapeño for my initial entry in a line of adult jams.)

APJC – Angelino Plum Jalapeño Chutney – 9-29 (Six jalapeños. Very hot.)

Pickled Okra – 9-29, 10-6, 10-29

APNJC – Angelino Plum, Nectarine, Jalapeño Chutney – 9-30 (Hotter. I put seven jalapeños in this one, and now that I’ve got Sybil to cry Uncle, I can now back off on the peppers.)

DPAL – Damson Plum Jam – 10-1, 10-11

NTC – Nectarine, Tomatillo chutney 10-2 – (Only 3 jalapeños in this one. And also, in an attempt to bring the tomatillo taste up, I used only mace and cinnamon as spices and even used white vinegar instead of the more usual apple cider vinegar. But then I threw in an extra cup of sugar, a slug of balsamic vinegar, and one fresh pimento. It’s definitely a keeper although I’m going to go back to using the usual laundry list of spices.)

MC5 – Mango Chutney with 5 jalapeños – 10-7

FRPMJC – Flavor Rich Pluot Mango Jalapeño Chutney – 10-25

HJSAL – Hint of Jalapeño Strawberry Jam 10 -26 (This time I did a large batch with two seeded and deveined red jalapeños. Just about right on hotness…..a very mild tingle. Seeding and de-veining the peppers tones it down a lot. May try upping the hotness slightly.)

PGC – Pineapple guava Chutney – 10-29 11-4 (Don’t know why they call these things pineapple guavas since they neither look nor taste like pineapple, but they sure do make good chutney.)

PGMC – Pineapple guava, Mango Chutney 10-31 (I love those little critters, so I decided I’d put some mango in to stretch the recipe.)

PGMRCC – Pineapple guava, Mango, dried Rainier Cherry Chutney – 11-1 (I put two mangos in this one to try to stretch the guavas even more, and then to make it different, I used dried Rainier cherries instead of raisins. Only four jalapeños, but they were big, hot ones. Oh, And since I’m talking about jalapeños, I am going to stop mentioning them in the chutney descriptions and in the codes. I put some kind of fresh pepper in all the chutneys, and the default is jalapeños.)

FAPC – Feijoa, Angelina Plum Chutney – 11-9, 11-10 (Yes, I just learned a much better name for Pineapple Guavas. I got the last of the season from Twin Girls and cut them half and half with Schletewitz’s Angelino Plums. They work well together. Six jalapeños in the first batch and four in the second.)

JRB – Jalapeño Raspberry, Blackberry Jelly – 11-13 (Well, the code should have been JRBAL because I also added the pulp of a large Fuji apple from Hidden Star and the juice of a large lemon from Gloria. I used a full flat of raspberries from Yerena and put in two chopped red jalapeños which I didn’t bother to seed since I’d be straining the berry seeds out anyway. I shoulda left the seeds out because they carry most of the capcaisin. As it was, the jelly was just too hot for most folks, so I tried to weaken it a little by adding a quart of blackberries that Gloria had picked and frozen for me. Still plenty hot, so this is definitely an adult jelly.)

HJSAL – Hint of Jalapeño Strawberry Jam – 11-13 (After the perhaps excessive hotness of the Raspberry Blackberry jelly, I chickened out and put only one seeded and deveined red jalapeño into three baskets of Lucero’s strawberries, so of course the hotness is back down at the hint level. Damn. Hard to find that happy medium.)

FMPC – Feijoa Mango Prune Chutney – 11-17 (Oh, my goodness, I found half-dried French prunes at the Civic Center Farmers Market, and since I don’t dare eat as many of these little beauties as I would like and since the farmer warned me they don’t keep well, I decided to put them into chutneys. They work. And what is it with the jalapeños? I put only three into this batch, and it’s still plenty hot.)

FC – Feijoa Chutney – 11-19, 12-17 (No fresh fruit but feijoas. The one in December has no onion.)

FMC – Feijoa Mango Chutney – 11-22

CC – Cranberry Chutney 11-27 (I guess all these are experiments, but this one was especially experimental. Like I used a 3 lb. bag of fresh cranberries, which worked out to about 2 and a half quarts. I used cinnamon, cloves, mace, cardamom, and curry powder as the only spices. I omitted the onion and raisins. I threw in an extra cup of brown sugar, and I used two large apples and three large jalapeños. Turned out tasty enough that I might well do it again. Not very hot, but I’m trying to back off a bit on the hotness owing to all that whimpering.)

FAL – Feijoa Jam – 12-4

FMJAL – Feijoa, Mango, Jalapeño – Jam 12-6 (Not real hot.)

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