Matte’s Favorites

Many long term websites have a menu listing the author’s best posts, and i figured it was high time i did this.  So i’ll be combing through the journals trying to find the good entries…or at least my favorites.  Finding some worth adding here will be a tedious process, so this menu will only gradually lengthen.

Hover the cursor over “Matte’s Favorites” on the menu at left to see the essays posted so far.  Unfortunately, for those looking at this website on a smartphone, cursor hovering doesn’t work for many of ’em. So here’s a list of links you can click on to go to the essays in this menu:

Christmas Letter

Sundial Bridge

Bad Habits

A General Adventure

The Story of Z



Something Awful


Time and Testosterone

Testosterne Transfer


Rappaccini’s Son

The Frisian Problem

The Lab Rat

A shot of my favorite bridge, Santiago Calatrava’s Sundial Bridge in Redding, California, taken in December of 2016.

Sundial Bridge

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