The Wild Side

I had a meeting with my website designer the other day, and he gave me a selection of hammers and sharpened screwdrivers with which i could get into the source code and really mess up this website.  Eager to put these tools to use, i added this menu to my home page, a place where those interested in sordid tales of my twenty-five-year foray into homosexuality might turn.

Here i am in San Francisco’s 2013 gay parade.  And yes, it’s the gay parade, but no, i’ve been retired from the gay scene for a quarter of a century now although i do relish the gay parade as an opportunity to wave signs bashing religious hatred.

Matte at the parade. Photo by Stephen

It has come to my attention that the dropdown menu here doesn’t work for smartphone users, so i’ve started adding links here for them.

Harmon Towel Boy


Z’s Initiation

Lobs and Volleys

The Cop and the Dwarf


The Skating Rink

Jean-Pierre and the Warm Levis


Gay at Oracle

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  1. Anybody
    Posted 20 April 2016 at 10:43 | Permalink

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    • Posted 20 April 2016 at 13:43 | Permalink

      I did not write to “sherrer1982” since, as i’d said in the text above, i gave up sex twenty-five years ago. However, i approved the comment because it’s one of the most interesting comments i’ve ever received and i thought others might enjoy seeing it.

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