Chicken, Mandarin, and Avocado Salad

OK, i’ll admit straight up that this is not an original recipe.  I first ate it in the late sixties as prepared by my friend Harry in Lubbock, Texas.  Lubbock didn’t deserve it.  Still doesn’t.

Gently poach a couple of chicken breast halves in stock to which you’ve added a handful of favorite herbs and a bit of salt.  Break up the breasts into bite size pieces.

Peel and gently separate into segments a pound and a half of mandarin oranges/clementines/murcots.

Peel, seed, and cut into bite size pieces two good size Hass or Reed avocados that have just very recently started to soften.

Gently mix the chicken, mandarin, and avocado with three or four tablespoons of mayonnaise.

An even healthier version would substitute good, thick yogurt for the mayonnaise, and frankly the dish may taste even better this way.  You could start with half mayonnaise/half yogurt.

I have always loved this dish, but i especially love it now that i’m cutting back on my carbohydrates and looking for things i can get full on without killing myself.

If you were gonna serve this to people*, you’d plate it on an attractive lettuce leaf and accompany it with a sourdough baguette.

*rather than just gobbling it yourself


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