The Clumsies

Regarding that cake baker thing: How would the Supreme Court have ruled if the baker had refused to decorate a wedding cake for a couple because they were Mormons, which he considers heresy?   Ahhh, yet another joy of aging, getting clumsier and clumsier. In my case, this started back in the nineties when i […]

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A Kafkaesque Encounter

A tidbit from Yuval Harari’s Sapiens:  “We didn’t domesticate wheat.  It domesticated us.”   It all started a couple of months ago when i decided that i wanted to renew my drivers’ license a year early so that i could get my final address on it and simultaneously have it upgraded to the new “Real ID” […]

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How To Make Hot Chocolate

Regarding the future of solar-generated electricity: We’ll never go to war to get another country’s sunshine.   You don’t know how to make hot chocolate. Whaaaaat? I know you’re thinking, you know perfectly well how to make hot chocolate.  In fact, you know several ways of making hot chocolate ranging from buying a container of […]

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The Joy of San Francisco

I keep mentioning visits to Redding to photograph bridges in hopes that someone will ask me “Do you like Redding?” so that i can reply, “I don’t know, i’ve never redded”.   Somehow being rusticated to Petaluma for a couple of years has made me appreciate San Francisco even more.  I’ve written about my love […]

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Too Awful To Eat

A recent restaurant review: “A true work of art is never done. And neither was the chicken.” Clarissa R.   I’ve long been fascinated by picky eaters, by which i’ve always meant people who refuse to eat things i like, which is virtually everything.  There are a handful of foods i don’t really like, e.g. […]

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Food, Glorious Food

Sen. Feinstein is encouraging us to implement “responsible encryption”, that which, for our own good, has a backdoor for the government. Next, it will be responsible locks, where you take a key/combination for all your locks to the police dept: front door, back door, file cabinet, diary, car, scooter, and don’t forget your gym lock. […]

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Backing Out and Turning Over

The most popular flavor of the Canadian ice cream company Sweet Jesus is “Rocky Road Rage”.   OK, i’m backing out of Facebook and soon will be deactivating my account.  I mentioned reasons for this in my previous post, but to that i’ll add another, which is that while i do dearly love the Facebook […]

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Rethinking Facebook

I’m so old that i remember when tourists marveled at how clean San Francisco was.   We’ve all read the recent news about Cambridge Analytica harvesting profiles and other data from fifty million Facebook subscribers and using the collected data to build applications influencing US voting, all of which was revealed by a whistleblower inside […]

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Off the Bucket List

“America’s promise as a nation of immigrants” has been stricken from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services mission statement and replaced with “protecting Americans” and “securing the homeland”.   Well no, it’s not an actual, tangible list, but rather fairly frequently thinking of something i want to do while i still can, and i can […]

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A Language Embarrassment

Just imagine how much better everything in Parkland would have turned out if all the teachers and students had been packing. I have suffered many language embarrassments, but the one that keeps coming up most often occurred when i was in the Army conducting cryptosecurity inspections of US military installations.  I arrived at a missile […]

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