Rethinking Facebook

I’m so old that i remember when tourists marveled at how clean San Francisco was.   We’ve all read the recent news about Cambridge Analytica harvesting profiles and other data from fifty million Facebook subscribers and using the collected data to build applications influencing US voting, all of which was revealed by a whistleblower inside […]

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Off the Bucket List

“America’s promise as a nation of immigrants” has been stricken from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services mission statement and replaced with “protecting Americans” and “securing the homeland”.   Well no, it’s not an actual, tangible list, but rather fairly frequently thinking of something i want to do while i still can, and i can […]

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A Language Embarrassment

Just imagine how much better everything in Parkland would have turned out if all the teachers and students had been packing. I have suffered many language embarrassments, but the one that keeps coming up most often occurred when i was in the Army conducting cryptosecurity inspections of US military installations.  I arrived at a missile […]

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Dinner for the Gentlemen

English doesn’t ‘borrow’ from other languages. It follows them into dark alleys, mugs them, grabs the vocabulary it wants, and then rummages through their pockets for loose grammar. – modified from James Nicoll   Last month i cooked a dinner for the ladies, so to balance that, i cooked yesterday a dinner for the gentlemen. […]

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The Production Reports

The older i get, the more i enjoy serpent’s tooth jokes.  For ten years now i’ve been making Production Reports listing all the preserves i make.  Here’s the one listing everything so far in 2018. 2018 Production Report Pickled Peruvian Red Manzana Peppers (1/7) Well yes, i pickled a pair of pints of Peruvian peppers.  […]

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The Anti-Vaxers

“San Francisco is the only city I can think of that can survive all the things you people are doing to it and still look beautiful.” – Frank Lloyd Wright   This post is aimed at folks like me who did get their flu shot even though it’s not as effective as usual this year.  […]

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Let Me Count the Ways

An entertaining aspect of aging is remembering how much you used to eat.  My God, the quantities!  And of course when you cooked for your friends, you had to cook lots, especially in my case since i could seat eight around my table.  So your recipes ended up being for large amounts, and it’s hard […]

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Dinner for the Ladies

I have an excuse for not marching on January 20th. I was cooking dinner for five women. Well, see, i was jonesing for some of my Texas chili, which i’d not cooked since summer before last in Petaluma, and the only way i’d get any was to cook dinner for some people who’d eat both […]

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Tax Reform

I thrashed around for some time gathering notes and linking to substantiating articles on our President’s great tax reform package passed by Congress last December as its Christmas present to the nation.  I tried to detail the winners and losers in the years to come, not only the tranches of our population in terms of […]

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The Rat’s Reward

I’ve been a volunteer in medical studies for decades, so i have a long history as a lab rat, but it is very rare that they give you any information about your results, if for no other reason than that all the better studies are double blind, so they don’t know any information about you.  Your […]

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