It’s the Economy

It’s been known since the beginning of the COVID pandemic that the shutdown, while necessary to slow the progress of the epidemic, would damage the economy. And that’s been the case even though the shutdown has not been sufficiently long, stringent, or consistent to bring the epidemic to a stop. So we’ve ended up with […]

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The Stalker

I’d read about men who, their advances having been rebuffed, then pursued the object of their passion, continually restating their case. The typical victim is a beautiful young woman; however, this is San Francisco, and I once knew a handsome and buffed young Irishman who had overstayed his visa and was stalked by another man […]

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Barry’s Newest Replacement

I’ve written in the past about my dealings with homeless people and my trying to help them, starting with Barry. And then a year after Barry’s death, there was his replacement, Daniel, with whom I was more successful. When I returned to San Francisco after a couple of years in Petaluma, I ran into him […]

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Now that San Francisco is permitting outdoor dining, I’ve been trying some of the places offering it. My friend Mark has made the transition to working online from home, but he still gets a lunch hour. So today he took me to Willkommen. It’s a relatively new indoor beer garden on Market at 15th that […]

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Yank Sing

I’ll get the vaccine before a haircut. The first time I ate dim sum was at Yank Sing in the summer of 1974. I was staying in San Francisco while taking UC Berkley’s intensive summer Spanish course; and even though it was definitely intensive, I managed to cram in some recreation. This led to my […]

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My Vendors

If I’d been a better student, I’d have got a better education. Cornucopias from north, east, and south open at San Francisco. In the 21st century we are replete with farmers’ markets, so it would be a challenging project to record a visit to them all. What I’ll do here is describe the vendors I […]

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The Vault Garden

Yes, that sounds like an oxymoron since there’s little sunshine in the typical vault, but no, it’s a brand new restaurant, a spinoff from The Vault, a popular underground restaurant under the Bank of America building at 555 California. It’s now closed owing to the pandemic. Anticipating the opening of restaurants for outdoor dining, they […]

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Good Neighbors

I fear the Cybertruck won’t catch on because there’s no place for a headache rack. I’m sure an enhanced neighborliness is now being found in other cities in this country just as it is in Italy with folks singing off their balconies. But I certainly see a lot of it in San Francisco, where the […]

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Pinus palustris

When the quarantine is lifted, I’ll take off the mask and reveal my clandestine mustache and goatee. It sure is interesting, getting old, because I keep learning of ways in which I’m connected to others. A case in point is my discovery that my dear old friend Spike, whom I met when we’d both matriculated […]

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Cacophony Comes to Bernal Heights

Trump is right. Bleach most definitely “does a tremendous number on the lungs.” There I was, on my Segway waiting for the light at Mission and Virginia to turn when my reverie was rent by the sound of a full-throated Harley coming up behind me. How obnoxious, I thought, even though I couldn’t see him […]

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