The Rat’s Reward

I’ve been a volunteer in medical studies for decades, so i have a long history as a lab rat, but it is very rare that they give you any information about your results, if for no other reason than that all the better studies are double blind, so they don’t know any information about you.  Your […]

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Vicious Rumor

A new addition to the list of conservative euphemisms like “F-word” for fuck: “Double C-word” for climate change.   First, let’s clear the air and state right up front that we here at are always eager to increase our readership.  And yes, my new online friend Dimitry (whom i’ve never met in person because […]

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Paying It Back

Today is Keith Richards’ birthday, which reminded me that i’m three years older than that wizened geezer.   Well, yes, there’s great joy in paying it back and no, i’m not talking about savoring revenge cold, as enjoyable as that is.  No indeed, i mean doing something nice for someone who’s been nice to you. […]

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A Flight To Remember

It would be interesting to see the vote on a House of Representatives measure to allow all Americans licensed in any state to carry their concealed handguns into the House Chamber.   Well see, knowing that i needed to practice, i took my new drone out into the unoccupied kids’ playground next door so that […]

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New Foods

Time to alert my readers to a couple of foods i’ve recently discovered. First, the easy one:  Once Again sunflower seed butter.  Saw this at Rainbow Grocery and gave it a try.  Got it home and already had the first spoon in my mouth when i noticed, in 4pt. type on the front label “Lightly […]

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Comment Melodrama

I got an email last night from an old friend who was wondering if i knew that my website was now ignoring his attempts to add comments to my posts. Hmmm, i thought, this guy is very computer savvy, so the odds that he is doing something wrong are negligible.  I started digging around in […]

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DJI Mavic Pro

Picture a mild mannered retired technical writer who has been given a large box containing a disassembled jet fighter and a user manual, a man who had watched the Blue Angels flying overhead but had never seen inside one of the planes or even considered flying one.  And yet, yet, a man so consumed with curiosity […]

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More On That Lion

Now it can be told.  That lion in the news the other day (in my previous post) was me, which longtime readers had probably already guessed.  If you don’t know this background, click and read Christmas Letter now. I’ve been staying with my friend Louis on Coleridge Street, and while he’s asleep at night i […]

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Mountain Lion Update

We don’t normally provide breaking news here at, but today’s events force an exception. Everyone’s been following the story of that mountain lion spotted on security cameras roaming San Francisco streets near the Presidio for the past few days, but we can rest easy now.  Our police finally cornered him in Diamond Heights and […]

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Full Steam Ahead

How to pay for Trump’s tax cuts?  Easy.  A levy on all registered, card-carrying Democrats.   It’s been full steam ahead in the kitchen because there was so much pent up demand for my products that i looked up three weeks ago and saw that the cupboard was nearly bare.  Panic ensued, and i got […]

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