Countdown to Lindsay

The reason we never heard of the 1932 Emu War in Western Australia is that the emus won. I’m driving down to Lindsay on 25 Apr 19 to try doing a photo essay on the Olson’s citrus grove in the same spirit that several years ago I drove to Oakdale and photographed John Bulk making […]

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Nina Youkelson

I met Nina shortly after i moved into Coleridge Park in August, 2017 and we spoke a few times, but the friendship didn’t really get going until the following October, when she ratcheted it up. See, my Epiphyllum Anguliger had three big flower buds that were about to open, and i decided that rather than just […]

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At dawn, i was awakened from a fitful sleep when the jackbooted thugs kicked down my door and announced that it would go easier on me if i didn’t make ’em conduct a long search for the stash of optimism they knew was somewhere on the premises. They were relatively gentle, but it didn’t take […]

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The Slippery Slope

“You feel as if you’ve stepped back to when the cars driving by were Packards rather than Priuses. ” – John King I’m trying desperately to hold my mind together.  We all are here in this senior housing since most of us have watched a dear one swirl down into Alzheimers and thus have as […]

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A Horticultural and Culinary Triumph

In the Libertarian Bible, Christ auctioned off the loaves and fishes. Ever since i put my prized Pachypodium brevicaule out on the public patio so it could get enough sun to bloom and it promptly got watered to death, my favorite houseplant is my Epiphyllum anguliger, which has bloomed faithfully for me for the past […]

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Yikes! As of 20 March 2019, something has bitten my website so that many features no longer work and the home page is hopelessly messed up. I’m working on this. Please be patient.

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I’m not actually dead yet, but there’s lotsa stuff wrong with me besides simple old age, and even though the odds are very, very low that i’ll drop dead tomorrow, i figured i’d go ahead and post my obituary so i don’t have to risk someone else screwing it up.  Besides, we see all too […]

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The Marine

Semper Fi Allen came to San Francisco to live with me in 1979 and after a honeymoon right here for a couple of months, answered a want ad for a commercial artist placed by a large plastics company down the peninsula in Redwood City. The job was just temporary to help the art department through […]

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Safety Tip of the Week: “Drive it like you stole it.” What is it about brothers and how they are routinely anything but their brothers’ keeper, starting with Cain and Abel? When i was young i wanted a brother, but he had to be a little brother i could protect, lead, and teach the necessity […]

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Phoebe and Jim

How fascinating it is to be living in times when political discussions begin with “when sanity is restored…” and end with “…from a scaffold erected on the White House lawn”. I met Jim and Phoebe from Palo Alto in the late spring of 1976 at an EST training and found them delightful. And clearly it […]

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