Ed ‘n’ Me

I’m all fired up because I just finished Edward Snowden’s, Permanent Record and have a pressing need to applaud it, to highly recommend it, and to add a couple of points that I felt he was too modest to stress enough. Like Ed, I was a “member of the intelligence community”, a catch-all phrase describing […]

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Partial Justice

I wrote earlier about seeking justice at the Office of the City Attorney of San Francisco and my feeling that I’d set the wheels in motion and had only to sit back and wait for the perp to be brought to justice, convicted, and punished. That’s after a fair trial, of course. It was a […]

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Duck Liver Pâté

Alas, the 2019 Yucaipa thylacine hunt has been expunged from the Internet. It all started with my friend David calling my attention to an article about the great burgeoning of Midland, TX, owing to the oil boom there and my observation that the only good thing about Midland that I could think of was that […]

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The Pursuit of Justice

I’m pleased to announce that I have a new editor, one with seven decades of practice in pointing out my errors. I sit here in a state of exaltation. Remember your adolescent fantasies of striking a blow for the common man, bringing a malefactor to justice, and basking in the acclaim of your fellows? Ah […]

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Flower Piano at Night

Since 2015, the San Francisco Botanical Garden has been hosting a July event called Flower Piano at which a dozen pianos provided by Sunset Piano are placed at various points throughout the garden, open all day long for anyone who wishes to play. But don’t worry, it’s not just kids playing “Chopsticks” since real pianists […]

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The Clock Ticks

So yes, once I unwrapped the clock [See previous post] and discovered two things broken that I couldn’t fix myself, I needed a clock repairman. Easy. A quick search revealed four clock repair shops in San Francisco, so I took the clock to the closest. The guy was agreeable and forthcoming, giving me the bad […]

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The Clock

It all started in 1955 when I was fourteen, visited my aunt and uncle in Pittsburgh, and was fascinated by their collection of old clocks. Only eleven years later, I was stationed outside Heidelberg and ran across a storefront selling old clocks. I stepped in and saw that almost all the clocks were of the […]

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A Foody Fourth

Like many Americans, I had a fabulous 4th of July. My legion of adoring fans had wanted me to order a full military parade in which thousands of troops, hundreds of wheeled military vehicles, and dozens of tanks would make an amphibious landing at the bay end of Cesar Chavez Street (renamed from “Army Street” […]

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Here in San Francisco I’m perfectly positioned at the lower lip of a cornucopia. Ummm, make that a safe distance back from the lower lip so as not to get buried alive. That’s all year ’round but especially during the summer and fall. And most especially right now since in my farmers’ markets I’m overwhelmed […]

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The Garden Tea Party

The great joy of living in Coleridge Park is my fellow denizens; and one of the finest is Jude, who was inspired by our bedraggled garden to organize a Garden Club to take care of it. Many of us had been pitching in at times to do some watering or maintenance; but this was, at […]

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