“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”   A couple of years ago i got myself invited to a meeting of the Editorial Board staff at The San […]

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The Bookcase

“Nietzsche is pietzshe” – Tee shirt slogan popular among undergraduates in the late fifties who hadn’t read him and were unaware that his name didn’t rhyme with “peachy”.   I just had a memory flash from thirty years ago when a new friend whom i’d selected for attributes other than intelligence was sitting in my […]

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Gaming the System

“We should never have taught Grandmother how to text.” – Leah Garchik   Back in the eighties i was commuting daily from San Francisco to Hayward, which took me across the San Mateo Bridge and back.  The toll booth was on the east end of the bridge, and there was one toll taker who stood […]

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There I Was

TPAMП – That’s TRUMP in Cyrillic, in case you need to know it.   There i was, lying on the floor at SFO halfway through one of those electronic screening gates you have to go through before you can get on a plane, surrounded by TSA agents with their guns pointed at me in case […]

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The Dinner

Best Menu Competition entrant:  “We aim to be as vegetarian friendly as a barbecue joint can be with smoked tofu”.  Cross Ties Barbecue.   I described the first day of my recent adventure in The Summons.  So what went on the following day? When i woke up, Mark and Stephanie were already hard at work […]

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The Summons

  It all started when my dear friend Jim sent me an email proposing that i jump onto a Southwest Airlines non-stop flight to St. Louis, where i would be met in the baggage claim area by him and his wonderful wife Cynthia, whisked effortlessly through rush-hour St. Louis and on to Rolla, MO and the […]

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The Clumsies

Regarding that cake baker thing: How would the Supreme Court have ruled if the baker had refused to decorate a wedding cake for a couple because they were Mormons, which he considers heresy?   Ahhh, yet another joy of aging, getting clumsier and clumsier. In my case, this started back in the nineties when i […]

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A Kafkaesque Encounter

A tidbit from Yuval Harari’s Sapiens:  “We didn’t domesticate wheat.  It domesticated us.”   It all started a couple of months ago when i decided that i wanted to renew my drivers’ license a year early so that i could get my final address on it and simultaneously have it upgraded to the new “Real ID” […]

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How To Make Hot Chocolate

Regarding the future of solar-generated electricity: We’ll never go to war to get another country’s sunshine.   You don’t know how to make hot chocolate. Whaaaaat? I know you’re thinking, you know perfectly well how to make hot chocolate.  In fact, you know several ways of making hot chocolate ranging from buying a container of […]

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The Joy of San Francisco

I keep mentioning visits to Redding to photograph bridges in hopes that someone will ask me “Do you like Redding?” so that i can reply, “I don’t know, i’ve never redded”.   Somehow being rusticated to Petaluma for a couple of years has made me appreciate San Francisco even more.  I’ve written about my love […]

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