Matte’s Final Post

With profound sadness, we are letting you know that Louis Bryan (aka “Matte Gray”) passed away unexpectedly on 11/12/22. A gathering of family and friends met on 11/27/22 to celebrate his memory. His website will remain up for the foreseeable future to enlighten and entertain us. What follows is his obituary scribed in first-person. I’m […]

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I moved into my current apartment in August 2017, and it being a one-bedroom, figured I’d not need a housekeeper and could keep it clean by myself. Well, we know how that worked out. The two rooms got filthier and filthier until I finally broke down and spent much of a day scrubbing them. And […]

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I didn’t even know I had trapezia, but in fact I had two; and back at the end of June my orthopedic surgeon cut one of ’em out. It’s a little bone that’s caused a lot of misery in the carpal tunnel, and in my case the pain had been going on for a couple […]

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The Rest of the Story

My previous post spoke of a recent sleepwalking episode, but there’s more to the story. Being old and sick has resulted in my no longer being afraid of anything because I have so little to lose, and since that episode was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, I did not find it alarming. I did, […]

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Best One Yet

I was lost. It was nighttime but there was plenty of ambient light to see by as I wandered around on a residential street I didn’t recognize, trying to figure out where I was, when this nice lady came up to me on the sidewalk and asked if I were OK. After the woman and […]

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High on my list of thrills is being shot at and missed.  I just now bounced home from reporting for jury duty at San Francisco Superior Court. I sat there at first kinda stunned because I was traumatized over not being able to understand much of what the announcer was saying. So I went up […]

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A Late Adventure

I’ve been feeling that I could no longer go on my beloved solo adventures now that I don’t have a car, but then I realized that I could have exciting adventures right here in San Francisco. Last night I went on a solo foray to see Björk’s show Cornucopia at the new Chase Center (corner […]

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Preservation History

In June, 1975, I moved to San Francisco and rented a flat on South Van Ness at 23rd St. At that point, my only experience with preserving was pickling okra and cucumbers and very little of that. But something clicked when I moved to San Francisco, and my interest in preserving escalated. Early the following […]

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Post Prius

Last week it swept over me that after seventeen years of loyal service, my beloved Prius had transitioned from a source of great enjoyment and help to one of great expense and inconvenience. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d needed to use it, and what I could remember was multiple occasions when it had […]

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October Post

Folks, please consider this a place holder. Life has been frantic recently, mostly in good ways, but here it is the 31st of October and I’m still working on a new post. Without getting into too much of a spoiler, I can say that until two days ago I’d never seen a young man counting […]

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