2021 Production Report

K – Kiwi Jam (1-19) The first jam of the year.

ELGM – Eureka Lemon and Green (underripe) Mandarin Orange Marmalade (1-18) I had three pounds of the oranges and added a couple of pounds of Eureka lemons for this marmalade. Frankly, it’s not as good as a 100% Eureka lemon marmalade, so I give it to the unsuspecting.

BOM – Blood Orange Marmalade (02/23) My friend Dot has a friend with a blood orange tree that produces so well that she has to give a lot of it away, and Dot ended up with way more than she could eat, which is how I ended up with five pounds of them. Even better, these oranges would have benefited by being left longer on the tree because they’re not super sweet and, the telltale sign, didn’t get that blood orange dark red inside but rather were just orange. That’s great for me since for marmalade you don’t want sweet fruit. The five pounds of oranges produced twelve jars of marmalade, so I handed off to Dot five for her friend and one for herself. I’ll be handing this one out only to those who ask for it because my blood orange marmalades in the past have been quite popular.

ELM – Eureka Lemon Marmalade (04/08) I spotted five-pound bags of seedless Eureka lemons at Costco and thought, why not? It was a great pleasure not to have to dig out the seeds, so the slicing went rapidly. The taste? Of course everything tastes better when you’re on a first-name basis with the farmer/vendor, but to be honest, this one tastes just like previous Eureka lemon marmalades from local farmers, which means it’s delicious.

MC – Mango Chutney (04/09)

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