October 2022


I moved into my current apartment in August 2017, and it being a one-bedroom, figured I’d not need a housekeeper and could keep it clean by myself.

Well, we know how that worked out. The two rooms got filthier and filthier until I finally broke down and spent much of a day scrubbing them. And then let them get worse and worse again until I snapped and learned that a couple of my new friends here in the building used a woman named Monica as a housekeeper and recommended her. They put me in touch with her, and we clicked. She’s a young immigrant from El Salvador whose English is superb, with barely detectable accent and very rare grammatical errors. Not only that, she’s charming.

And cleans thoroughly.

So now she comes in on alternate Thursdays.

And I wish she came every Thursday, especially now that I’m running out of energy and manual dexterity, leaving a mess behind me wherever I go.

Here’s her site: Rainbow Cleaners , and no she does not have a sideline in website design. She got somebody else to do that site.

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