2022 Production Report

ELM – Eureka Lemon Marmalade (2/5) This is the best (to my taste buds) of my marmalades. It’s the first thing I’ve preserved in several months. It might mark a return to regular preserving, but it might not.

MC – Mango Chutney (3/23) I have for at least the last thirty years refused to buy supermarket produce that’s been flown in from another country. Here in San Francisco the supermarkets are full of stuff from South America. Oh please. An outrage against the planet. And then, a couple of days ago I was in Casa Guadalupe and spotted gorgeous mangoes. Could there possibly be a second season somewhere in Mexico? (Since I happily buy produce that’s trucked in, it having much less of an impact on the atmosphere.) Alas, they were from Peru, and I turned away….and then looked back and noticed that they were attractively priced. A furtive glance around revealed that nobody I knew was in the store. So I did it. Thus this cheating chutney.

CPK – Cherry Jam with Patak’s Hot Lime Relish. (5/15) As an experiment I used about a third of a jar of Patak’s and then chopped in a couple of dried Serrano chiles. Pretty good, and you can taste the Serranos.

SB – Strawberry Jam (5/20) Owing to popular demand, for this jam I cut the bigger berries in half and left the smaller ones whole with the hope that I’d end up with a jam that had discernible chunks of berry. It worked to some degree. In this case, the berries were the Seascape variety, which run rather large. Later in the season I’ll get some Chandlers or another smaller variety and try a jam with all whole berries.

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