Last week there was a minor ripple in the news and short articles in the NYT and elsewhere about the Justice Dept. not extending Jonathan Pollard’s travel restrictions. I was struck by one word common to these articles – “gave”.  They all said that Pollard “gave” classified information to Israel.

Oh please. Pollard didn’t give all that classified information to Israel.  Oh no.  He sold it.  And he’s now a national hero in Israel, which speaks eloquently about our relationship with the trusted ally that we have been propping up since we gave them military aid at their inception and that has stabbed us in the back on multiple occasions. Pollard’s motive was not an American Jew’s love of Israel. Oh no. It was an American Jew’s love of money – pure greed. In fact, before he approached the Israelis, he offered to sell his information to several other countries, including Pakistan and then-under-apartheid South Africa. But Israel became the highest bidder; so he sold to them and then, during the process of transferring all that classified material, he held out for a raise.

And this is why he got a thirty-year sentence, was refused parole until he’d served every day of it, and was slapped with travel restrictions after he got out.

I’ve summarized in the above paragraphs, but I highly recommend your reading the Wikipedia article on him since he’s far worse than I’ve revealed. His whole life has been a tissue of lies and fabrications. And if you’re up for heaps of mendacity, browse around in Pollard’s own website for one lie after another.

He’s a great hero in Israel, where he’s been given citizenship and where he probably is by now. I wish we’d thwarted the greedy scumbag by keeping the travel restrictions and making him rot right here.

Meanwhile, here’s a voracious raptor off Polk Street.

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