Approving Comments

This morning I got an alert from Word Press that I had a comment waiting approval, so of course I instantly opened the comment approval form, not wanting to keep waiting my reader who’d taken the trouble to comment.

Here’s the comment:

“I saw something like a couple of weeks before, but you
did in-depth research, and your post appears to be more persuasive than others.
I’m amazed with the arguments you provided as well as the fashion of your post.
I enjoy when articles are both interesting and informative, when even dull facts are presented in an interactive manner.
Well, it’s definitely about your article.”

Ummm, something a bit “off” in that text: “saw something like a couple of weeks before”, “the fashion of your post”, and “presented in an interactive manner”. Not to mention that the whole thing barely made sense. Definitely red flag. And then I looked more closely and saw that the sender had thoughtfully provided as part of the comment the url for a web page. I entered it in a different window, and yep, advertising.

But not just routine advertising for fashionable shoes or meds that will make me so virile that beautiful women will just line up for a chance at me. No no. Even better: it was for a writing service. Still better, the English in the website was even worse than in the comment. Stuff like “Secrets for Writing Esperative”. (You may not want to click on that link, considering that it might be infected), but when I’m ready to write esperative, I’ll know where to go for instructions.

And no, I did not approve the comment.

Meanwhile, from the ludicrous to the sublime, a lovely boulder outside a Japanese restaurant on Valencia Street, alas recently closed, but the boulder remains.

Zen boulder

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