A Horticultural and Culinary Triumph

In the Libertarian Bible, Christ auctioned off the loaves and fishes.

Ever since i put my prized Pachypodium brevicaule out on the public patio so it could get enough sun to bloom and it promptly got watered to death, my favorite houseplant is my Epiphyllum anguliger, which has bloomed faithfully for me for the past five years. For the last two years, i’ve put it out on the public patio the night it bloomed so that the folks here could see the huge blossoms and smell their fragrance.

For the last three years, something has pollinated it, and it has set fruit that ripened to maturity.

The first time i harvested the fruit, i edited the Wikipedia entry above with a description of the fruit and added a photo of a fruit split to show the interior. Then i gobbled it up. I just ate the next one, too. But this year, there were two. And then i realized that i could turn this into an extravaganza, especially since i’ve lived here long enough that the other inhabitants have begun to humor me when i go on these flings.

So i invited Joann to join me for the harvest and to share it with me. Of course i used my finest china and plated each fruit alongside the spent, dried blossom that had hung onto it since last fall .

Then i sliced each in two and served the halves.

Epiphyllum fruit

The skin is tough enough that you can’t cut through it with the rounded edge of that little pickle fork, but that’s just as well since, the fruit being only about an inch and a half long, an entire half constitutes a modest bite, and the skin can be easily chewed up with the rest. One last note, prompted by Joann’s reaction to her first taste, is that i got a bit overexcited when i was editing the Wikipedia some years ago and described the taste as “delicious”. I need to go back in there and change that to “tasty” although “surprisingly good” might be even more accurate.

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