22 January 2019


Folks, January has been difficult, and to compound the problems, WordPress has updated itself with a new release that supposedly has a plethora of excellent features. Unfortunately, i’m having a great deal of trouble using it and cannot, for example, even throw in a damn photo. Worse yet, i can’t figure out how to revert to the previous release, which was working just fine. Please be patient while i crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head, whimpering softly.

Ahhh, nothing like a solid hour of whimpering to help me figure out a workaround. The alt attribute is empty, but this’ll do until i find where WP has hidden the Add Media function in this release. Hmmm. Maybe a kind reader who uses WP can send me a helping hand. mattegray.sf@gmail.com

Night Bloom
Night Bloom

Late note: Turns out that I thought I had a workaround, but now the pic doesn’t show up. The good news is that after months of bashing around with it, I’m now much more successful at getting pics to show up.

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