2019 Production Report

EBOM – Early Blood Orange Marmalade (1/7) The last of the unripe blood oranges picked for me by Erik Olsen. Yum.

Pickled Brussels Sprouts (1/13, 1/23, 1/28) Found some excellent ones at Lou Iacopi’s stall at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market. He knows how good his produce is, and he prices it accordingly. The next week i found some tiny ones at the Alemany Farmers’ Market that weren’t as nice as Iacopi’s but were plenty good and two-thirds the price. In all the batches of pickles i add half of a Thai chile to half of ’em and a whole Piper longum, the Indian long black pepper, to the other half.

LLM – Lisbon Lemon Marmalade (2/4, 2/15) I spotted some gorgeous ones at the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market and snapped up five pounds. Ended up cooking the marmalade too long, so it set up hard. This batch is for folks who like to slice their marmalade. It is ridiculously easy to overcook marmalades because they go from runny to hard in a few moments, and of course you can’t really see you’ve cooked it too long when it’s boiling away in the pot. That said, hard marmalade tastes every bit as good as softer, and i was particularly pleased with the pure clean lemon taste in this batch. Nice change from the orange marmalades. I bought the lemons for the second batch from Twin Girls at the Mission Market for only $2/lb. and this time made myself pay close watch, stopped the cooking in time, and resolved that paying close watch is an essential when cooking marmalades because you don’t have a lot of leeway like you do with jams and chutneys.

Pickled Snow Peas (2/16) The Herrs at the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market will not be growing snow peas this year, and i don’t recall seeing them at other vendors. On the other hand, my main Mexican market, Casa Guadalupe, usually has them. So i went there, gave ’em a close look, and decided the quality was quite good. Thus this batch of a favorite pickle. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for ’em at my farmers’ markets, but i remind myself that some produce (others being the pineapple, durian, and mango) is simply not available at SF farmers’ markets, and i eat it anyhow.

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