The Rest of Laurie

The attention span of the average American has shrunk to 8 seconds, which is one second shorter than that of the goldfish.- Ben Nealy in The Atlantic.

After the Friday fiasco, there was nowhere to go but up, and she did.

The Saturday performance in Miner Hall was quite good even though she was accompanied by a drummer who, IMHO, provided nothing. Harsh, yes, but we critics have an obligation to our readers to speak plainly.

On Sunday at Miner Hall she turned out the performance i’d been expecting, so it was wonderful. There was a minor problem, and i call it minor because it affected only a handful of the audience members who, like me, have unresolved auditory issues. The problem was that fairly often she delivered her punchlines sotto voce, so i couldn’t understand a number of them.

Still, there were wonderful passages like “It is impossible to wake someone up if they are pretending to be asleep” and the idea of asking someone the question, “On a scale of one to ten, how beautiful are you?”

The best was an anecdote about an old couple who’d been fighting for decades while their friends kept marveling that they were still together. Finally, when they were both ninety, they separated. Astounded, the friends asked them why in the world they waited so long? They replied, “We had to wait until the children were dead”.

Meanwhile, a nontraditional paint job on Seventh Street.

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