Le Salon

“They trust me, dumb fucks.” – Mark Zuckerberg

 Ou la la, i’ve been to a salon. Actually, i’d always thought of salons as a gathering of literary figures to talk about literature and perhaps read something they’ve recently written, but this was the other kind of salon, one focused on music.

It all started when i found this taped to my door.  Note: “Louis” is my alter ego, and people here know me by this name.


Here’s the obverse.


And opened it.

And opened it.

And opened it.

What a spectacular, hand made invitation!  It’s like a two-dimensional matryoshka.  Since Jude is one of my favorite people in the building, i instantly RSVP’d yes.

At the appointed hour, i arrived for my first salon only to discover that the other guests save one had already arrived, so clearly you’re supposed to arrive a bit before the hour for salons. Next time.

After i’d taken a seat, Jude handed me the program.

Oh wow. Jude played some.  Here she is at the piano.

Jude at the piano. Photo by Linda.

Richard also played a couple as well as singing the Haggard and accompanying himself on the guitar. Then together they played the Brahms, so well that i thought of Anderson and Roe, whose recital for the Noe Valley Chamber Music i’d enjoyed last Month.

It was a most enjoyable afternoon that underscored how fortunate i am to be living under the same roof as such talented people as Jude and Richard, and such appreciative people as their seven guests.

Such a wonderful sense of camaraderie inspired me to build on it by lending some of them CD’s of music i thought they’d like.

The salon was, for me, just another reason for gratitude this time of year.



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  1. jude
    Posted 30 November 2018 at 21:41 | Permalink

    That was just lovely, Louis. And it was a pleasure to have you here. You will become one of the “regulars” who attend. I’m glad you are living here. Your energy, humor, and appreciation of Life add so much to this community. I’m grateful for YOU !

    • Posted 1 December 2018 at 09:42 | Permalink

      You’re too damn nice. I was kinda hoping you’d mention some errors so i could correct them, but of course it’s always enjoyable to get comments in praise.

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