White supremacists chug milk, Colbert quipped, “Because for white supremacists, lactose is their only form of tolerance.”


Winner of this month’s Spinmeister award, Blake Fischer of the Idaho Fish and Game Commission, who got his fifteen minutes of fame by posting a photo of himself posing with a family of baboons he’d just killed, which set off a bit of a firestorm among baboon huggers and such.

Here are some quotes from an article in the Washington Post:

“Fischer didn’t apologize for killing the baboons but said in his resignation to [Idaho Governor] Otter that he “recently made some poor judgments that resulted in sharing photos of a hunt in which I did not display an appropriate level of sportsmanship and respect for the animals I harvested.”

“Fischer and his wife also killed a giraffe, a leopard, an impala, a sable antelope, a waterbuck, a kudu, a warthog, a gemsbok (oryx) and an eland.

Ummm, i thought oryxes were nearly extinct or something.  Just checked and yep, they’re classified as “endangered”, so you better go out and harvest one quick while you still have the opportunity.

He (Fischer) went on to say, “I didn’t do anything illegal,” he said. “I didn’t do anything unethical. I didn’t do anything immoral. … I look at the way Idaho’s Fish and Game statute says we’re supposed to manage all animals for Idaho, and any surplus of animals we have we manage through hunting, fishing and trapping.”  [What, i ask, do Idaho statutes have to do with slaughtering a slew of animals in Africa?]

“Harvest” and “manage” remind me of reading decades ago about people “controlling” coyotes…with strychnine.

And finally, the Fischer Flap reminds me of Walter Palmer, another American trophy hunter notorious a few years ago for killing Cecil the Lion.

And of California Fish and Game Commission President (now ex-president) Daniel Richards a few years earlier sneaking off to Idaho to kill a mountain lion assisted by guides, a pack of dogs, and a snowmobile so he wouldn’t have to walk far.

What is it about trophy hunters?


Meanwhile, here’s a new one in my Garage Doors series, and yes, it’s really a loading dock but i’m counting it as a garage.


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