31 March 2018

Backing Out and Turning Over

The most popular flavor of the Canadian ice cream company Sweet Jesus is “Rocky Road Rage”.


OK, i’m backing out of Facebook and soon will be deactivating my account.  I mentioned reasons for this in my previous post, but to that i’ll add another, which is that while i do dearly love the Facebook posts of a handful of friends, a problem with Facebook is that it’s addictive, and we all know that as time shoots by, addicts require larger and larger doses of their Substance.  And yes, even though for a good number of years after i started Facebook, i’d forget to look at it for weeks at a time i gradually, gradually found myself requiring a hit more often, and my use became first weekly, then daily.  Recently i found myself opening it more than once a day.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but it struck me last January that if i were going to make one, it ought to be to try to snap somewhat less often at clickbait.  And Facebook is definitely a form of clickbait.

So yes, i’m folding the tent within the next month or so as i create email distribution lists for a few friends who are not followers of my longtime companion, Matte Gray, who has been chronicling my life for the last twenty years.  He’ll continue to do so and will remain the best source of news about me.

Finally, as close as Matte and i are, i’ve not been able to convince him to deactivate his Facebook account, which a number of my friends already see.  I encourage everyone else to send a friend request to Matte Gray on Facebook.

Meanwhile, since so many people liked that garage door treatment in the last post, here’s another:

Garage door treatment


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