The Ombraphile

My memory is slipping fast, but at least i can still remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.


The ombraphile? you ask.  Well, i take some pride in saying “you heard it here first”, and as of the writing of this post, Bing and DuckDuckGo get no hits on “ombraphile”, and Google gets only one.  Once the spiders have finished crawling, the second hit will be to this site.  ta da.

Late Note: Oh, did i ever slip in under the wire.  I was listening to coverage of the eclipse on NPR as i inched southward on I-5 after totality had passed my viewpoint, and the term was used over and over.  So i should have written, “You read it here first.”

To save you the trouble, it’s a term coined by Richard Schneider for an eclipse chaser, which is what i’m about to be taking a break from unpacking to do.

Later note: At some point along there it occurred to me that Schneider was taking the long way around and creating an unnecessary word when a more logical word for eclipse chaser would be “umbraphile” from “umbra”, the path of complete shade in an eclipse.  Sure enough, a quick check revealed that this word has been in use for many years and was almost certainly what they were saying on NPR.  Oh hell.  Well at least i figured this out by myself.

I’ll combine seeing the eclipse with taking photos of bridges over the Willamette in Oregon and the Sacramento in California, and i hope to be able to put out a post about my adventures up there next week.

A little complication is that i kinda banged myself up in an incident during the move to SF and may not be able to get the Segway into the back of the car by myself.  So i’ll have to choose between leaving it here, which means i wouldn’t have it if i needed it to get better bridge shots, or asking for help loading it, which is as unthinkable as asking for directions.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here’s a fountain at the Marin County Civic Center.

Marin County Civic Center fountain


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