Last Dispatch From Petaluma

I move tomorrow back to the San Francisco zip code i arrived at from Texas in 1975.
I’ll spend today doing the last load of laundry, touching up the cleaning, and packing the computer and monitor (although i’ll save the router until tomorrow morning so as to have my notebook for communication here tonight).  After i pack the router, i’ll have the smart phone and can use that for rudimentary email and the web.

In a couple of minutes i’ll eat the last remaining nectarine with the last remaining cereal.  Will have brunch at McNears, feasting on their superlative Eggs Benedict (not sure i ever ate better) and then eat an early dinner at the good Vietnamese restaurant (alas, i have not found an acceptable Thai restaurant here).

And speaking of restaurants, i got an email yesterday from a friend telling me he’d ratted me out at my favorite neighborhood restaurant in SF.  He ate there the other day and told the owner i was moving back on the 7th, which means i have to prioritize her ahead of my exploration of the restaurants within three blocks of my new place that enjoy high reputations for affordable excellence.  I’ve not eaten in any of them and am excited about working my way through them.

If i hadn’t been told on, i could have explored the new restaurants first and then been vague to the old favorite restauranteur about exactly when i’d moved back.

I’m on cloud nine over this move and caught myself riding extra cautiously on the Segway yesterday.  Once i get back to the city i can resume riding with my usual abandon.  Ummm, maybe with some of it.  Doesn’t take much of a fall to break a bone nowadays, and that’s so inconvenient.

Meanwhile, a skylight shot in the Marin County Civic Center.

skylight - Marin County Civic Center

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  1. David Ogden
    Posted 6 August 2017 at 16:55 | Permalink

    See you in the City.

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