The Joys of Moving

After having subjected me to an exhaustive financial examination for thirteen months and now knowing to the penny how much money i have in all my accounts, the main office at Bridge Housing insisted on a money order rather than a check for the first/last months’ rent.  On the other hand, the building manager is very nice, and the tenants i’ve met are all charming.


Gave notice to my current landlord and signed the lease with my new one.


Changed my address for the Social Security Administration, the Department of Motor Vehicles, my bank, my credit cards, my insurance company, the post office, all my periodicals, etc.


Picked up my keys and measured both rooms in my new apartment to make sure everything i want to take will fit.


Moved my medical insurance from Petaluma to San Francisco.


Moved my phone, ISP, and webhosting connection.

And packed.  Pretty much done with that now.  Reserved two saucepans, a plate, a saucer, a bowl, a fork, a spoon, a soupspoon, a wooden spoon, a ladle, a chef’s knife, and a paring knife so i can eat up the last of the food in the refrigerator, after which i’ll eat out.

The day before the move i’ll pack up the computer, keyboard, monitor, and router, subsisting on my smart phone until i set up my computer in San Francisco.

All i gotta do for the next week is dispose of a few things i can’t take.

And clean.



Meanwhile, a shot inside the Marin County Civic Center.

Marin County Civic Center


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