Brain Health Registry

Give the reds what they want:  strip mine Utah.


Umm, yes, my fading brain is a source of worry since my greatest fear is that my brain will die before my body does like my mother’s and three of her sisters’.  In that, i’m like everyone else my age because by now we’ve all seen loved ones in the previous generation go out gaga.

My first experience with brain testing was after i’d crashed on the Segway and woke up at SF General Hospital.  A nice young woman there told me that they were doing a study on people who’d had brain injuries, and i immediately volunteered.  Then, after that study was over i volunteered for a UCSF study of older folks who were slipping into dementia, but a day-long extensive battery of tests revealed that i was not yet crazy enough to meet their criteria.

However, they told me about UCSF’s Brain Health Registry, and i’ve been participating in it online ever since.

Then, last winter i learned about a brain study the VA was conducting on veterans with AIDS, so i volunteered for that.  Just to make sure that they knew i was crazy enough, i showed up for my appointment 24 hours and 15 minutes early.  Went back the next day for three hours of testing and walked out with a very nice gift, a new iPad with a splendid little microphone accessory on which i will do monthly testing at home for the next few months.  The plus is that i get to keep the iPad when the study is over.  Not that i could expect them to want it back after i’d been drooling AIDS-tainted saliva over it for a year.

I love being a lab rat, and if you want to Do Your Part for the advancement of science, you can click on this link to the  Brain Health Registry and volunteer to participate in their on-line study.


Meanwhile, some California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) blooming at the edge of the Lynch Creek Trail.

Eschscholzia californica California poppy


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