13 March 2017

How Green It Is

DeVos would replace our public schools with Christian madrasas.


Our wonderful winter rains sure have greened up the state, so to check it out i jumped in the Prius and drove in a loop through the country east of town.  Beautiful scenery, but what i hadn’t considered is that there’s no shoulder at all for long stretches on the little country roads, and when there is a shoulder, it’s really a grassy verge that’s, after all the rain, just a mud pit veneered with grass.  Thankfully, i saw the deep ruts just before i was about to pull over onto it.

So even though i saw much beauty, there was no place to stop to photograph most of it.  My friend David has been taking just astonishing photos of the Mt. Diablo area, where he often goes slogging out in early morning forays.  Well, even though in my youth i was an avid hiker in the Davis Mountains in Texas and even got to go to Philmont for two weeks when i was fourteen, i’m no longer a slogger.  Hell, i’m barely a walker now and thus limited to shots i can get from parking places. Still, i got a few.

west of Petaluma



west of Petaluma


And a handful of fence shots, my latest fetish.

west of Petaluma



west of Petaluma


So much for the Prius, i next Segwayed up Sonoma Mountain to check out the east side of town.  Lovely up here, too.  Here’s Lynch Creek just east of Adobe Road.

Lynch Creek east of Petaluma


And Sonoma Mountain Road leading up the mountain.

Sonoma Mountain Road


I knew that city folks dyed silly little dogs pink, but i never seen evidence of country folk dying their animals, and i’d never dreamed anyone would dye a horse, much less go to all the trouble to do a multicolor job in an elaborate pattern of irregular stripes.  So you can imagine my surprise when i spotted this.  They must have drugged the poor horse to get it to hold still long enough for all this work.

dyed and painted horse on Sonoma Mountain

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