A Great Leap Forward

Let’s take a vote.  Who wants to see Roger and Rafa as doubles partners?  Yesssssssssssssssssss!


There’s huge news on the nonpolitical level.  I’ve made a great leap forward and bought a modern phone although it wasn’t so much of a leap as being dragged, kicking and screaming.  But anyhow, now i’ve got one.  No no, not an iPhone, as my take on Apple has not changed.  Rather, an sPhone, one of those Samsung ripoffs with the exciting potential of bursting into flames.

What an adjustment to move from a little old clamshell mule to a high-strung thoroughbred!  Especially since i barely knew how to ride the mule.

And most especially since the thoroughbred is easily startled and covered with points of contact against which the slightest touch causes it buck me off into the brush.

Not to mention the itty-bitty keyboard with keys so much smaller than my fingers that i tend to touch several at once, not necessarily even including the one i was aiming at.

And options.  Omigod, the options, layers and layers of ’em, so many that i hardly know where to start.  But i have, and i’m now able to answer a call, make a call, send and receive text messages, download an app, say “OK Google”, and take photos.

Not, of course, that i’ll be using it to do any writing or even much surfing since the PC is easier because of the full keyboard and big screen, but oh my goodness is texting on it ever a vast improvement over the clamshell, especially with the sPhone’s ability to guess what word i want to type next, sometimes even before i’ve typed a single letter.

I’m already in the habit of carrying it around with me much more than i did the clamshell since it’s great for quick Internet inquiries about addresses, opening times, and such.

Best of all, i’m basking in the warm glow of not being the very last person in Petaluma to get one.

The phone number, you ask?  Oh please.  It’s the same number i had for the clamshell, but it’s for my convenience.  If more people had the number, they might disturb my peace by calling it.

Meanwhile, to prove that i’ve learned how to take photos, here’s a shot on the riverbank.  Yes, in Petaluma the truffles grow on trees.

Truffles grow on trees


Ummm, not that i’ve bit into one yet to make sure they’re truffles.


Late note:  Yeah yeah, i know they’re oak galls rather than truffles.

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  1. Carol Sundell
    Posted 23 February 2017 at 07:37 | Permalink

    OMG…..I succumbed yesterday! Really…. I didn’t! Sleep much last nite thinking that I don’t have any addresses email i.e. On the darn thing….I think I have crossed over to the dark side for sure!

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