13 November 2016

The Government We Deserve

It will probably remain legal to drive an electric car.

After all my bashing of both candidates, i have to admit that i’d hoped that Trump wouldn’t win.  Could my praise for Clinton be fainter?

It’s over.  And since we’re a democracy, we’ve got the government we deserve.  Well, i’m being too harsh there since i don’t really think we deserve Trump even though we voted for him just like the Germans voted for Hitler, and who in hell thinks the average German deserved all that.  Still, like the Germans, we’ll have to face the consequences.

I was a teenager in a simpler time, the 1950’s, that heyday of the middle class when a working man in an ordinary job could support a family and even buy a modest house for it.

A time when our income tax rate on the upper earners was either 91 or 92% for the top bracket and we had an estate tax with teeth:  77% of assets over approximately $100,000.

And yet, somehow, it was a time of unprecedented prosperity for the entire nation, not just the 1%.

We need economic policies that will lead us back to that situation, and Trump’s won’t.  His tax proposals give pennies to the lower quartiles and shower riches on the top earners.  For all his talk about NAFTA, American manufacturing is not coming back.

My guess is that Trump will abandon all that silly populist talk, govern as a hard line Republican, and throw his working class supporters under the bus even though his proposal to pour money into a massive upgrade of our infrastructure sure would provide a lot of jobs for them.

And his proposal to greatly reduce the overseas deployment of American military forces would be a great thing if he can pull it off.

Still, i fear the economy will tank under him and bring even more misery to the lesser quartiles, especially if he’s able to defund the Affordable Care Act and undermine Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

The silver lining is that since California’s Proposition 64 swept to victory, all of California can now sit around crosseyed stoned, looking at the autumn leaves and saying “Oh, man” at the lovely colors.

I’ve networked and found a candy man, so i’m ready.

Meanwhile, some good news is that California’s winter rains arrived unprecedently early this year, and for the first time in my memory, the fields are green at the beginning of November.

Green hills in November


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