25 September 2016

Snowden Festival

Gonna have to get me a pair of those frameless rectangular Snowden-style eyeglasses.


Last Friday was a great Snowden Festival.

In the morning, i watched Laura Poitras’ 2014 documentary Citizenfour.  In the afternoon, i saw Oliver Stone’s 2016 movie Snowden.

Didn’t really learn anything from either film since i’ve been an avid follower of Snowdeniana since the shit hit the fan in June 2013 and have read countless articles on him and watched clips of several of his Moscow interviews.

The movie was fluffed up what with all the focus on Snowden’s relationship with his girlfriend (who’s now living with him in Moscow) and that silly bit with the Rubik’s cube at the end.  But still, there was one brief moment that was worth the price of admission:  the movie included a video clip of James Clapper’s infamous lie to the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 12, 2013 in which he denied that the NSA was collecting information on Americans.  I’d read all about this, but had not had the pleasure of seeing him sit there squirming as he lied.

But on March 12, there was no evidence that Clapper was lying.  Oh no, that didn’t come until the following June when the Washington Post printed the first batch of Snowden’s purloined NSA files and, for the first time in the history of the agency, made it impossible for it to lie its way out of claims made by whistleblowers and the questions of congressmen.

Which left poor Clapper sitting there with his lies fresh in everyone’s memory, so he came up a few days later with his hilarious “least untruthful” defense, leaving many of us to wonder whether if saying “No” when the truthful answer was “Yes” was the “least untruthful” answer, what the most untruthful answer might have been.

The Post was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for its revelations, and i do have to applaud it for waiting a decent time after getting the Pulitzer to call for the drawing and quartering on the White House lawn of the man who’d made its prize possible.

Do we live in ironic times or what?  Ummm, naw, that’s not irony but rather just plain hypocrisy.  Click on this link to Glenn Greenwald’s  breathtaking article skewering the Post in The Intercept.


Meanwhile, on another front our loathsome candidates for President seem to be focusing their campaigns on exposing each other’s reptilian behavior.  I call on one of my artist friends to create a graphic showing them facing each other with snake tongues extended.

Image copied from Infinitespider.com


And to be objective, i do have to point out that Trump is way ahead in the Greatest Liar competition.

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