Down By the Riverside

Devoted fans will have noticed that i sure haven’t been posting much of late.

Yep.  Well, see, we’ve been a little preoccupied here with some issues, and rather than explaining to the passengers that something has gone wrong with both wings and the tail, i’m just waiting until i’ve worked out a resolution so i can get on the intercom and announce that everything’s fine and we’ll be landing shortly.

Naw, just kidding.  Nothing’s really wrong, but some great news is in the offing.  Unfortunately, it’s been in the offing for a couple of months, so thank goodness i haven’t been blabbing about it and then having to tell everyone it’s not happening after all.

But that’s why i haven’t been able to focus on writing and have been just posting collections of photos.  Like the following shots taken on the bank of the Petaluma River near my apartment.  First, a Canada goose (Branta canadensis).  A bunch of ’em have discovered that it’s a whole lot easier to just live in sunny California year round.

Branta canadensis


So much for the fauna.  Here’s some roses growing over the flood wall.

floodwall roses




And this wonderful thing, whatever it is, growing in profusion straight down from my apartment.




Here’s the buds on it.


When the flower goes to seed, it looks like this.


But the seed structure is torn apart by the breezes in a day or two.  Here’s the remains of one after a heavy dew one morning.



And another shot that dewy morning.



Fennel, which in April is just beginning to sprout new growth.

young fennel


At the beginning of May, the blackberries are blooming.

may blackberry blooms


At the end of May, plums were hanging over the flood wall.  I made a chutney of these and then later, when fully ripe, a jam.

Petaluma River floodwall plums


And the blackberries forming.  I made two batches of jelly of these when they ripened.



Stay tuned for the fab news as soon as it’s definite.

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