30 July 2016

Extremely Interesting Times

Just fine the way it is? Then you know who to vote for.


“May you live in interesting times” might not be an old Chinese curse, but at least it’s a modern global one.

China declaring that it owns the South China Sea right up to the high tide line on the surrounding nations.

Turkish President Erdoğan continuing to move the country toward a dictatorship.

Islamic terrorism.



Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Yemen, Sudan, Israel, Libya, and poor Venezuela, which doesn’t deserve all that.

And here in the United States, where we are faced with a choice between four more years of the same under our Wall Street war hawk Clinton or a standing broad jump into ruin and greater totalitarianism under Trump with his honorary Vice President Vladimir Putin.

Could very well be the latter.  There must be people who have recordings of at least some of Hillary’s Wall Street speeches, and when they are released about a month or three weeks before the election, they’ll tip the scale.  Start practicing in front of a mirror:  “I love President Trump”.

Well, unless somebody gets into the NSA’s files and does another Wikileaks exposure, this one detailing Trump’s indebtedness to Russian oligarchs and tipping the election the other way.

Oh, it’s gonna be such a rollercoaster.

And that’s before the election.

Meanwhile, since my friend David has recently got me interested in fences by posting some of his fine shots, here’s a scene off the Petaluma-Marshall Road on the western outskirts of Petaluma.

off the Petaluma-Marshall Road

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