Interesting Times

What color shirts will Trump’s militia wear?


We certainly are living in the proverbial interesting times.  Who would have guessed a couple of years ago that both of our reigning political parties would end up being beset by insurgents and led by candidates most notable for how disliked they are.

While the Democratic party was able to fend off its insurgent, it didn’t close ranks much tighter than the Republicans since only a handful of Republican congressmembers endorsed Trump before it was clear that he would win. Well yes, rats know not to jump off a ship until it’s sinking…and the proposed new home is seaworthy.

It was fascinating to watch Republican endorsements of Trump become a tsunami as he approached and then passed the Magic Number, but Clinton, not being the insurgent, had the endorsements of all the Democratic establishment before the campaign even started.

Clinton’s campaign didn’t disintegrate like those of Trump’s opposition, so since she’s always been ahead in the delegate count, only a single Democratic senator and nine representatives have endorsed Sanders, and the rest of the rats remain onboard with Clinton.

And oh, the ironies. The Clintonistas have been squealing themselves hoarse for a couple of months over Sanders’ failure to concede the nomination even though Clinton didn’t concede to Obama in 2008 until several days after he’d gained a majority of delegates. But that was then.

The Sandersites have been vigorously complaining over the unfairness of Clinton getting to count delegates she’s won in states that she cannot possibly take this fall, but for goodness sake, that’s the way primaries have worked for some time, you count the votes you have in the primary to determine your party’s candidate for the fall election.  Are we going to have a rule stating that since Mississippi is certain to vote Republican in the fall, it should not even hold a Democratic primary?  And what about the swing states?

My favorite campaign ludicrousness, though, is the Democratic establishment claims that Sanders is damaging the party when they know very well that Sanders isn’t trying to damage their party but rather to take it over and sweep aside everyone who isn’t feeling the Bern.  It’s not their party they’re worried about.  It’s their skins.

This is already the most interesting election campaign of my life, and we’re not even done with the primaries yet.  Even though Clinton will almost certainly cinch the nomination on the 7th of June with New Jersey votes three hours before polls close in California, she’s basically camping out here until our primary in a last ditch campaign to prevent the embarrassment of Sanders’ taking a majority of the state’s votes.  Sanders, of course, is combing the state from one end to the other, drawing his usual huge crowds in an attempt to gain leverage.

When the primaries are over and it’s down to Trump vs. Clinton, it’ll get downright fascinating…and abundantly ad hominem. After all, when you have two candidates whose primary characteristic is the astonishing degree to which they are hated, what greater incentive can there be for vicious personal attacks?  Not to mention rioting between supporters for the two camps as already seen in violence at Trump rallies, both toward and from his supporters.

Also, Trump’s positions on many issues are more popular with a majority of Democrats than Clinton’s.  Compare her hawkishness with his neo-isolationism.  Compare her coziness with Wall Street to his denunciations of The Banks.  So i’m agreeing with the folks who are saying it’ll be a closer race than we might have expected since for many voters it will be a choice between a mad dog and a reptilian apparatchik.

Well, unless Clinton offers Sanders the vice-presidency and he agrees, which would snag her the Sanders crowd guarantee her victory.

Alternatively, Clinton could accept Trump’s offer of the vice-presidency, which would greatly simplify the election and save millions of Americans the trauma of having to watch all those attack ads.

The downside of that union, though, would be the loss of large numbers of lives in the stampedes at the Canadian border.

Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago i met Sybil at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market.  I got there a bit early and sat watching a biscuit vendor set up his stall.  Here’s the final step – seeding the tip jar.

seeding the tip jar

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