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Regarding calls for Sanders to drop out and leave the nomination to Clinton: She didn’t drop out in 2008 until June 7, four days after Obama had secured a majority of delegates.


Last Saturday afternoon there was a knock at my door, and when i opened it, there stood my neighbor behind a wall of boxes.  Eight of ’em.  Big ones.

misaddressed boxes from Target


Just thought you should know, she said, that your packages have arrived.

My packages?  I didn’t order nothing.

Turns out they were addressed to Prab Gill, who my neighbor told me was the previous occupant of my apartment.  And yes, the address on the packages was mine.

Oh well, i thought, instead of prying one open to see if it contained something i wanted, i’ll Do The Right Thing and call FedEx.  No phone number for FedEx on the boxes, so i went online and found a number.

Called it and explained that something had gone wrong and the address on the box was incorrect and i was hoping FedEx would pick up the boxes before they were stolen.  I told the guy the address to which they’d been delivered, and he responded that i needed to go out there and get the tracking number off one of the boxes.  I suggested that i was tired and lame and that surely he could have one of their trucks pick up the boxes without my going out there and writing down the tracking number and coming back in here and reading it to him.

When i opened my door Sunday morning, the boxes were still there.  Called FedEx again and was again told they had to have the tracking number.  Went out and looked at the boxes and found several strings of numbers, so i just wrote down the longest one and came back in here and read it to him.  He confirmed that the number i’d given him was the tracking number.

Monday morning the boxes were still there, so i took a different tack.  Looked in the Petaluma phone book only to discover no listing for Prab Gill or for that matter for anyone with the last name Gill.  Then realized that i was just assuming they’d moved somewhere else in Petaluma.  So i did an online search and came up empty for Prab Gills in this country although there were at least three in Canada.

But wait.  There’s another entity involved:  Target, which FedExed the boxes to Gill.  So i pulled the packing slip off one of the boxes and found in the fine print at the bottom an 800 number for Target and called ’em.  Told him the whole story.

He wanted the order number.

No prob, as it was right there on the packing slip.  After only a minute or so he was able to find the order in his system.  Then he told me that what i needed to do was just take the boxes to Target.

I was still laughing when i broke the connection.

It’s Tuesday morning and the boxes are still there, but now i’ve rearranged ’em to decorate my doorway.

misaddressed boxes from Target


And not to keep you twisting in the wind, but yes, at some point along there i finally got curious enough to pry back one flap on a box to see what “Threshold TH DS Seat Cushion Turq”  looked like.  Yep, looks like a seat cushion.  About two feet square and five inches thick.  Nice and springy.

Need one?

Need eight?

Coda:  Ahhh, the joys of senility.  I detailed above all the sleuthing i did and my efforts to track down the Gills.  Thursday afternoon i was whining with my neighbor Laura about the whole thing, and her sharp-eyed son spotted on the address label a phone number he thought might be for the Gills.  It was.  How i could have missed it beggars the imagination, but at least Mr. Gill came right over and joyfully picked up the packages.

Case closed.


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