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Regarding Apple vs. the FBI: Is the door to your home so strong that it’s a threat to national security?


Yes, i know that my most popular posts among both my fans are those describing in painstaking detail instances in which i’ve screwed up, but let me take a break from that and write up an occasion on which everything went right.

In my previous post i said i’d gone through all my old photos and slides and had found a few that were good shots of friends.  Well, i figured out how to use the scanner to convert slides to tif files, and i sent to friends those files i thought they’d enjoy.

The response was gladdening.  Everyone liked ’em.  A first cousin once removed got back to me that the shots i’d sent of her late uncle were the best she had of him.  My favorite was a shot of three friends and me posed with our racquets on a tennis court where we’d regularly played doubles until we graduated from high school and went our separate ways, and that one led to an excellent extended email dialogue.  Another that got a good reception from two who were in it was of a pile of a half-dozen college freshmen deeply involved in a dorm floor wrestling match that involved large amounts of shaving cream.

The moral of this story is to go through all those old photos and share them with folks in them.  You’ll all love it.  Do it now before you die or something.

Meanwhile, we’re having what is hopefully just a break in this year’s lifesaving rains, and i’m taking advantage of the sunshine to get out of the house.  Is it springtime here or what?

springtime in Petaluma

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