New Route

There are major hurdles before fuel cell EV’s become practical, most particularly the lack of fueling stations and the cost of producing the hydrogen fuel, but i have to say i do find fascinating the concept of being able to drink my vehicle’s exhaust.


I took a new route to the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market last week that turned out quite entertaining.  Drove down 101 to Larkspur, parked for free, and jumped on the Golden Gate ferry, which goes directly to the Ferry Building.

Well, actually, i didn’t just jump onto the ferry.  I don’t make anything that easy anymore.  In the first place, i neglected to think about what day of the week it was and got there an hour and a half early because the weekend schedule is much reduced.  Good thing i did, though, because that allowed me to try for quite some time to pound the ticket machine into letting me buy a ticket with my Clipper card, which was clearly listed as one of the payment possibilities.  After breaking down and using my credit card to buy the ticket, i discovered when i entered the gate that i didn’t need a ticket at all because i could have just swiped my Clipper card at the gate.

I hadn’t ridden the Larkspur ferry since the late seventies, and even though you can see the handsome terminal from 101, i’d forgot how interesting it is up close.

Larkspur Ferry Terminal


And, as we began our voyage, from the water with ferries tied up.

Larkspur Ferry Terminal


What a gorgeous ride this is.  Mt. Tamalpais rises majestically to the west.

Mt. Tamalpais


And to the north, along the shore, there’s aquatic life.

Aquatic life


And then, as we get out to the mouth of San Pablo Bay, we get a good view of Marin County’s very first gated community – dating from 1852, located on scenic Point San Quentin, and boasting great bay views.  A friend of mine who lived there reported that his unit did not have a good view and that his complaints to the management were to no avail.  That said, the staff is so well trained that there is not a single recorded instance of a successful break-in.

San Quentin


As you get out into San Pablo Bay, you get good views of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge



Richmond-San Rafael Bridge


And then, as you get out into San Francisco Bay, you pass by Angel Island.  This is Ft. McDowell, in the middle of the east side of the island.



And at the southeast tip of the island, Point Blunt.

Point Blunt


It’s illegal to ride across the bay without taking a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, but that damn thing has been photographed so well by so many that no shot of mine was worth posting.  Here’s one of the Bay Bridge instead.



And of Treasure Island.

Treasure Island


Finally, we approach the Ferry Building although i somehow neglected to take a photo of the building as we got up to it.

San Francisco waterfront


Stay tuned for a photo essay of the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market.

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  1. Rick C.
    Posted 5 March 2016 at 08:15 | Permalink

    Great pics, Matte, as always. And if you do decide to drink a fuel cell EV car’s exhaust some day, that will require a photo as well!

  2. David Ogden
    Posted 6 March 2016 at 15:14 | Permalink

    Love “Marin County’s very first gated community”.

    • Posted 6 March 2016 at 18:04 | Permalink

      Ha! I rather enjoyed that bit, and my text there is a good example of my willingness to embroider around the edges of truth. Yes, a friend of mine did do some time in that community, but no, he did not report being unsatisfied with his view and complaining about this to the warden.

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