Arguably the best zinger so far of the campaign season: Rubio responding to Cruz’s criticism of Rubio’s advertisements on Spanish-language media by wondering how Cruz knew what he was saying since Cruz doesn’t speak Spanish.


I use two spam filters.  I pay for Akismet to screen out the hundreds of spurious comments on my website that are simply carrying advertising, and i get gmail spam screening for free.  Ummm, or at least at no direct cost.  Both do such a superlative job that a month or so passes between the spams that slip through. Actually, the few that reach me are sometimes highly entertaining, like the recent one from Ed, who writes, “I reaching out to you to let you know that with few modification and some tweaks in between your website perform better… I would like to offer a free consultation wherein I can provide solutions that would not just help you out convert visitors to client but also help you save time and money.  I would like to extend help using my expertise and years of experience in building websites are cost effective and hit my clients goals. Let me know when you are available to speak and I will be in touch.”

I thought about replying and suggesting a partnership:  His website skills and my English.  And then i realized that well, he’s obviously just blasting out spam emails to contact addresses he finds on websites, otherwise he’d know that Matte has nothing to sell and is thus quite happy with the cost effectivity of his website.

Meanwhile, what i love most about the Bay Area is that it’s only the ides of February and Spring is already here.

Rosmarinus officinalis, trailing variety

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