4 February 2016

Hypocrisy on the Range

I’ve long found it a source of amusement that areas of this country in which anti-government sentiment runs highest are routinely those which enjoy the largest government benefits, and this has been brought into sharp focus by the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation having been led by a man who currently has a half million dollar Small Business Administration loan and whose father owes the government a million dollars for grazing his cattle for decades on public land without paying for this privilege.  I mean, these are wealthy Mormons who see nothing wrong with taking government aid, even illegally, while at the same time claiming that the government is abusing them.

Here’s an article that details some of the hypocrisy.

7 kinds of government subsidies those angry ranchers get that you don’t

One thing i noticed about God, back when He and i were speaking with each other daily, is that He tells you what you want to hear, so i wasn’t surprised that He had told Ammon Bundy to occupy Malheur.

Well, i’ve recently been chatting with God,  and He says i need to follow Ammon’s example and take me a modest little chunk of federal land for a cottage and garden.  Nothing excessive, just a tiny parcel of shorefront on Mountain Lake in the Presidio.

Oh, and don’t worry, i’ve arranged for some patriots in pickups to maintain a security perimeter.

Meanwhile, blowing in the wind:

Blowing in the wind

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