How Green I Am

The NSA says that as of yesterday midnight it’s no longer collecting all our phone conversations. My question is whether they are again being “least untruthful”.


I have to act green since i trumpet environmentalism and would thus be an utter hypocrite if i didn’t practice it.

So i’m an ardent recycler and reduce the recycling by buying as much food as possible unpackaged and carrying it home in plastic bags that i’ve brought to reuse.  I try to buy packaged food in containers that i can use again for my jams and pickles.

Even though i cling to the environmental outrage of a personal automobile, at least it’s a Prius since they get the highest MPG of any car other than the electrics, which were not available eleven years ago when i bought the Prius.  And i don’t use the Prius in town but rather get around on the totally electric Segway.

I save water by not showering full blast and by running the dishwasher only when it’s full.  I was delighted when i moved into my new place and saw that the commode had a reduced flush feature.  And of course i practice “Pouilly Pinot”.  I’ve never used the garbage disposal, that appliance of the devil, since i can, for the first time in decades, have a little compost pile for my kitchen scraps.  I didn’t use a garbage disposal in the city because there we had pickup of compostables along with the recyclables and landfillables.

I don’t use much gas (22.2 therms last month) because after living in San Francisco for forty years, my internal thermostat has readjusted to the point that i’m comfortable at cooler temperatures.  There are two wall furnaces in this place, and i don’t expect to ever light the pilot on the one at the back end of the apartment since i like sleeping with a cold nose.  Didn’t turn the front one on until about three weeks ago and use it only at night and first thing in the morning to take the chill off.

What else can i do?  Well, this morning i signed up for the “Evergreen” electricity from Sonoma Clean Power, which means that for a couple of extra dollars a month, 100% of my electricity will come from renewable sources.  Last month i used 142 kWh.

So i’m bright green.  Ummm, well, except for the car.  I figure by the time it dies i’ll be living back in the city and won’t replace it.  And then i’ll start oozing chlorophyll.

Meanwhile, here’s a flock of neighbors having a déjeuner sur l’herbe.  Umm, actually it was a early breakfast.  That’s the bank of the Petaluma under the trees in the background.  Bucolic, c’est moi.

Wild turkeys on my lawn

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