Religion is the greatest threat to democracy because the religious have greater allegiance to their religion than their country.

I drove last Tuesday into the city to have my Prius serviced at Luscious Garage, get a couple of duplicate keys for my new apartment at ABC Locksmith, and pick up Claire Vaye Watkins’ Gold Fame Citrus at Folio Books , discovering while i was in there that Margaret Atwood’s latest foray into dystopia, The Heart Goes Last,  had just hit the shelves that morning.  Well, yes, we have our passionate loyalties.

Upon returning home i found a shocking email from the Department of Elections regretting that since i was no longer a San Francisco resident, they would not be sending me the official election pamphlets this year.  Well, i huffed, then i’ll be shifting loyalties from San Francisco to Petaluma.

Umm, actually, although i cannot imagine allowing anyone but Luscious to work on the Prius,  i’d already started transferring loyalties by giving my annual hundred bucks to the Petaluma library rather than San Francisco’s, and i’ve discovered that Petaluma’s David Copperfield is an excellent bookstore although it’ll be hard to pry me away from Paula and her staff.

And that said, i’m discovering that more and more of my San Francisco loyalties were misplaced, at least those for foods.  See, i’m finding that many brands to which i was loyal in San Francisco are actually from Petaluma.  And to buy a little time to find more of them, i’ll save that for a future post.

Meanwhile, the first glimpse of the ethereal city rising beyond the forest.

Tip Clo through your two lips

OK, that’s actually Clover Stornetta‘s spiffy new milk production facility on Lakeville Steet.


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