15 September 2015

Petaluma Or Bust

What they mean by “religious freedom” is the freedom to restrict mine.

It’s looking more and more like we’re going to have a very wet winter this year, and since the ground over the entire state has been baked to concrete, the rains will not soak in but rather run off immediately and cause terrible flooding.  So of course, i’m moving to an apartment less than a hundred yards from the bank of the Petaluma River.  Seriously, that’s true, but the saving grace is that at that point the Petaluma River has dwindled to nothing more than a little creek, its watershed being so small.

Oh, and i already know the subject of my next photo essay.  Since the Petalama River is so short, it’ll be easy to get shots of every single bridge over it.  Fairly soon, you’ll be able to tune in the Bridges menu for this addition.

We love shopping in markets for the famous local delicacy.  In Austin, that’s Pecos cantaloupe. In Amsterdam, nieuwe haring. In Hamburg, the Krebse.  In San Francisco, Dungeness crab. The Japanese have a word for this practice:  meibutso.  And Petaluma?  Well, the eggs, of course.

Another Petaluma plus – my auto and rental insurance is now over a hundred dollars a year cheaper.  Up there, they drive slower and steal less.

I move on Wednesday the 16th.

Meanwhile, some San Francisco detail on Valencia Street.  Too much of a good thing?  You decide.





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