The Journal of the Portland Expedition

“I would devour, where others merely nibbled.”


The “2015 Portland Bridge Pedal” photoessay is now available as the first Bridges menu item in a much superior form thanks to a flogging from my dear friend and sometime First Reader, CKM, during the course of which i agreed to do a great deal of very necessary cropping. After he untied me from the rigging, CKM then kindly made some negotiable suggestions for improvements in the text and scope.  All of which made the version you see much better.

I’m at the Bucket List point of my life, and completing the expedition to Oregon has provided me great satisfaction even though, being me, i can look back with regret over the bridges i failed to photograph and gnash my teeth over the shortcomings and omissions in the above photoessay.  Still, the bottom line is that i did it.

The end of this great adventure is dovetailing with the beginning of a new, greater one, about which i’ll soon be posting here in the blog.  So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, a couple of Portland shots that didn’t make it into the Bridge Pedal photoessay.  First, a river shot of OMSI, Portland’s answer to Amsterdam’s Nemo and San Francisco’s Exploratorium.



And the front door, on the street side.



I find it an engineering marvel that the builders were able to construct the extremities of the structure at such angles, but i do have seismic concerns.


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