In case anyone was wondering, i made it home.  Did it in about twenty minutes less than eleven hours…with three short pit stops.  Ummm, make that four because between Winters and Vacaville i pulled off into one of those little numbered farm roads and watered the weeds where there was nobody in sight.  The other three stops were for coffee, gas plus Big Mac (not as good as they were fifty years ago), and instead of a burger at Bartel’s Giant Burger at the Corning exit, a chocolate milk shake.  First one i’ve had in at least a couple of years, and they’re just as delicious as ever.

To celebrate my arrival home, my favorite parking space was sitting there waiting for me.

The next afternoon i went to the Castro Farmers’ Market and to my joy Marie at Rodin Farms had her legendary Greengage plums, so i made a jam of them the following morning.

Now i’m working on a full account of my bridge hunting expedition, which will appear in a week or so under the title “2015 Portland Bridge Pedal” in the Bridges menu.  Never fear, i’ll trumpet its completion.

For the promised preview, here’s a little house on a tiny side street off the Neito Parkway.

house off the Neito Parkway

And here’s Baan Thai, where i ate delicious food every night in Portland but one, their being closed on Sundays.

Baan Thai


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