Springfield or Bust

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 The first day of the Oregon Adventure went pretty much OK thanks to all my homework.

Got to Corning before Bartel’s Giant Burger opened for lunch, but no problem, as i’d anticipated this and drove a mere mile out of my way to get to the Redding location.  That place is so good that i try hard to need to eat as i’m passing Corning or Redding, and i’m pleased to report that the quality has not slipped in the slightest.  No fries, no chocolate milkshake, but double meat.

Our California wildfires provided an interesting feature for this year’s drive even though the closest was many miles away.  The smoke from them provided a persistent haze that lasted from the Bay Area to Ashland.

Stopped for gas extra cautiously in lower Oregon and made it to Springfield before five, so there was time to discover that the first couple of bicycle bridges over the Willamette were butt ugly and that i couldn’t get a good vantage for the first bridge over the Willamette, the railroad bridge.


Nor were the Main Street and A Street bridges of much interest. The good news is that i got a reasonable shot of the Interstate bridge.

Whilamut Passage Bridge (I-5 in Springfield)


The rest of the news echoes other great expeditions in which problems arose early.  Remember how John Wesley Powell lost one of his three boats with much equipment and provisions on his second day?  And how the Essex was nearly sunk one day out of Nantucket in a squall that ripped away an irreplaceable whaleboat?

Well, when i made my first gas stop 75 miles out of SF i discovered that i did not have my new camera but pressed on anyhow since i knew i could take adequate photos with my little pocket camera.  And then when i got to Springfield i discovered that i’d not packed the battery charger for the little camera since it was just going to be a backup.

Also in Springfield i discovered that even though i’d dug out my spare charging cable for the Segway, it had somehow not made its way into my suitcase, so i’m gonna have to get a replacement in Portland.  Sigh.

That said, i made it this far.


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