Portland or Bust

The battery in my DMC-FZ50 camera failed, and i decided that instead of going to all that hassle and spending all that money on a new battery, i’d just get one of the new DMC-FZ1000’s since they’re obviously 200 times better.


I’m all excited about my impending expedition to Portland’s annual Bridge Pedal during which i’ll create another photo essay on their bridges, and my friend CKM wrote this morning prudently suggesting that i start making a list of things i need to take.

List?  I’ve already started packing the suitcase, which now contains:

Passport, in case i get a wild hair and want to drive up to Vancouver and bag a brace of Canadian bridges.

Printouts of my registration form for the Bridge Pedal, the route map and turn instructions, and the receipt that i can use to claim my official Bridge Pedal® tee shirt.

Oregon, Washington, and Portland paper maps since i’m not entirely trusting my Garmin and the on-line maps.

Printout of List of Crossings of the Willamette River. the exhaustive compendium on which i’ll rely for the bridges outside Multnomah County.

Battery charger for my fine new camera and the instruction manual in case i want to get fancy and use a setting other than iA – Point and Click for Beginners.

Laptop and charger so i can download all the pics i’m taking, write a few blog posts, and respond to email encouragements from my adoring fans.


Naw, just kidding about the toothbrush.  Not yet.

And i’m thinking that what with Oregon’s recent legalization of marijuana, when i get to my room at the University Place Hotel, on the pillow instead of the traditional chocolate will be a doobie.

Meanwhile, changing the subject entirely, in a recent horticultural happenstance, this mystery Epiphyllum of mine has bloomed:

Epiphyllum whateverii

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