28 June 2015

Nearest Hippie

Now that Archbishop Cordileone has lost the battle against the evil of gay marriage, he should turn his hand to a vastly more pervasive evil against which he’s enjoined the teachers in his schools – masturbation.


I loved Scalia’s “Ask the nearest hippie” line so much that i made a placard reading


and carried it in today’s parade.  It went over fabulously even though the majority of people didn’t understand the reference.  Still, something like a third of ’em in the front rows read the sign, got it, and burst into cheers and applause.   Besides, lots of fellow marchers came up to me and took photos, not to mention the thousands and thousands of viewers who took photos.

My goodness, is it ever a pleasure to be applauded and cheered by tens of thousands.  Try it sometime, you’ll like it.

Oh, and for a radical breakthrough this year, instead of just infiltrating the parade by riding between a couple of authorized contingents, i actually rode legitimately by joining the OpenHouse contingent.  They’re the folks who taught me how to get onto a waiting list for senior housing and who sponsor my Spanish class.

And here’s a pic from the Vatican’s expanding evidence file.  Photo credit: a handsome fellow marcher named Jorgensen.

Nearest Hippie.  28 June 2015

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