Market Street Prototyping

During the past half century Americans have developed the ability to ignore reality and see ourselves as victims.


Last Friday i rode down Market Street for the Market Street Prototyping Festival, an event organized by the San Francisco Planning Department to display the results of a series of charettes for Market Street amenities.

I did not linger at many, but quite a few were impressive and worthy of consideration for a long term display.

Like this ping-pong table.

Market Street Prototyping


And Timber Valley.  Everywhere you see one of those vertical posts, the horizontal members can be articulated entertainingly.

Market Street Prototyping -Timber Valley


The Peep Show.  The inside is mirrored at various angles, so it’s trippy in there.

Market Street Prototyping - Peep Show


And the Book Mark.

Market Street Prototyping - Book Mark


The Fog Plane.  If you walk between the sheer panels, you get a sensation that is supposed to be like walking in heavy fog.  Ummmm, vaguely.

Market Street Prototyping - Fog Plane


This one is called Tree Sitting.  The photo does not do justice to the thrill of walking though all those “fronds” hanging down.

Market Street Prototyping - Tree Sitting

Market Street Prototyping - Tree Sitting


This cute little thing is Peak Experience.

Market Street Prototyping - Peak Experience


It’s News To Me mimics Herb Caen’s old Royal typewriter.  When you sit on one of the “keys”, hidden speakers play a recorded quote from his work.

Market Street Prototyping - It's News To Me


The Data Lantern is connected to neighboring transportation systems and informs pedestrians about the arrival and departure of buses, trains, and ferries.

Market Street Prototype - Data Lantern


For sheer whimsy, the Bench-Go-Round is my favorite.

Market Street Prototype - Bench-Go-Round


Wanna see the person on the other side through a distorting lens?  Use Smaller and Upside Down.

Market Street Prototype - Smaller and Upside Down


Active Rest – a handsome wooden sculpture for sitting, standing, and leaning.

Market Street Prototype - Active Rest


Lots of other good ones, but that’s enough.  Well, except for this, not part of the official festival, that i spotted on the way home.

Cell Phones Dead

Oh, and candor dictates that the Market Street Prototyping website taught me a new word, charette.  I shall start working that into conversations.


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