5 April 2015

Terrible Swift Sword

Were our nuke negotiations with Iran successful? A good sign is that conservatives in both countries are saying their side gave away too much.


It’s gratifying to discover how much power i have when i wield my terrible swift sword in restaurant reviews.

The other day i wrote about giving the Orbit Room’s pizza a try and finding it insufficiently tasty.  Took only a few days before i read in the Chronicle of the establishment’s closure.

Feed Matte well or you die.

Of course, i’m surrounded by friends who feed me well out of generosity rather than fear, a case in point being my friend Steven who recently gave me some fruit from his calamondin, an offering even more generous considering that the plant is little more than a bush growing in a pot and produces few fruit.  Here’s one.  They’re about an inch in diameter and have a distinctive taste that’s a delicious combination of sweet and sour.


Crush one into a glass, add a shot of gin, four shots of diet tonic water, and three ice cubes.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just what the doctor ordered.


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