31 March 2015

Amsterdam’s Bridges

Anthony Atkinson warns, “Every equation halves the number of readers.” Of course we here at Matte Gray have never printed an equation, not that doing so would result in the loss of all that many readers.


I speculate that the reason i’m so entertained by bridges is that i grew up in oilfields on the semi-arid plains of west Texas where, owing to a lack of both water and terrain variation, there was no need for bridges, so when i saw them elsewhere as a child, i found those strange things fascinating.  And have ever since.

And then i had so much fun on that expedition to Portland last August and in building the photo essay of its bridges that i was inspired to add a new Bridges menu and dig through my essay and photo files to create five sub-menu items about various bridges.  A couple of days ago i completed the latest in this series, Amsterdam’s Bridges, by far the longest of my bridge photo essays.

Meanwhile, not a bridge but kinda, a shot under I-280 from 17th Street.

Under 280 from 17th Street


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