Gender Issues

One of the delights of living in San Francisco is our abundance of genders.  Not only do we have the usual sexual orientations ranging from the heterosexual to the bixexual and then the homosexual, with lots of shading and grading within those categories; but also we have the various flavors of transgenders – MTF and FTM at least and hell, this being San Francisco, perhaps others i haven’t heard of.  So the bottom line is that San Francisco is the perfect place for me.

Not to get too academic about it, though, since the above introduction is intended merely to allow me to out myself in yet another way.  Not of course that i’m an exception to the usual case in which the person outing himself discovers that his great secret was actually common knowledge or at least the subject of wide speculation.

So anyhow, i’ll go ahead and admit it even though everybody has probably already figured it out.  Still, i’m doing this because i’ve grown tired of carrying the burden of not being honest with everyone, especially my friends and relatives.

Why, oh why, i wonder, is it so hard to confess this, perhaps because there wasn’t even a name for my condition until recently and you have to look in my pants to confirm it.  Oh, the hell with it.  I’m cisgender.  There, i’ve said it.

Yes, me.  Totally, absolutely, irrevocably, 100% cisgender.  You’ll have to look it up yourself, as it’s embarrassing to explain.

I’m just hoping my friends will continue to accept me and my readers remain fans.

Meanwhile, some cisgender construction at Front and Mission last Saturday.

Front and Mission

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