14 February 2015

Hay Girl

Today i’ll remind my readers that this website is not just the blog alone and that if you don’t see a new blog entry for several days, this may well mean that i’ve been entering new material elsewhere.  Like the new entry (as of today incomplete) on Amsterdam’s Bridges in the Bridges menu, new recipes, and updates to the current reading list and to the links.

Several years ago i wrote a little piece about the names of motor vehicles, many of which i find ludicrous.  But the other day i spotted one that tops ’em all.  Juke, a CUV put out by Nissan.  Ummm, did nobody at Nissan ever listen to Frank Zappa’s Do You Like My New Car?

And since i’m doing trivia today, i wish i could say, to paraphrase Sir William Gilbert, “I am the very model of a modern minor journalist.”  Alas, i can’t imagine anyone modeling himself on me.

Meanwhile, a bit of SoMa humor.

Hay Girl




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