I hadn’t looked at the Analytics for this website in a couple of months, so curiosity overwhelmed me.

Well, yes, i remain an acquired taste of the San Francisco Bay Area although my hit count continues its achingly slow rise.  Still, there were some surprises.  While the overwhelming majority of my hits are from California and most of those are from San Francisco, my second largest number of hits by country is from Brazil.  What the hell am i writing about that so interests Brazilians, i wondered?  Oh wait.  Of course!  Glenn Greenwald has discovered me and keeps coming back for more, more.  Ummm, then i noticed that my Brazilian bounce rate is 100%, so it’s clearly not Glenn since he’d never bounce on me.  Sigh.

And then i looked more closely and saw that while i’d got hits from 31 countries, the only ones in which i do not enjoy a 100% bounce rate are the United States, Canada, Russia (thanks, tovarich), France, Thailand, and Sudan. Sudan?

I used to have a number of readers in the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany, but clearly i’ve bored them all away.  Or annoyed the Brits away with my jocular little riff on Scottish independence. Double sigh.

No problem with the Dutch, as i can again have a bunch of readers there as soon as i get around to my planned photo essay, “The Bridges of Amsterdam”.  Look for it soon in the Bridges menu.  And i can get some German readers after i start writing about setting up a San Francisco chapter of Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des AbendlandesCrawl that,!

No appropriate pic today, so here’s a cozy second story apartment at Robert Rue Vineyard.  No view.

Robert Rue Vineyard

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